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Roman Coin Inscriptions

Note - Doubled letters used as plurals, e.g. one ruler is AUG and two augusti AUGG, one Caesar is CAES and two is CAESS, or D N vs D D N N where N N is read as "our".



Advent Aug (Augg)

Arrival of the emperor (emperors).

Adventuri Aug Felicissimo

Refers to the felicitations of the Roman people upon the return of the emperor.

Aeternae memoriae

(to) Eternal remembrance.

Apolloni sancto

(to) Holy Apollo.

Augustus, (Augusta - feminine)

Most distinctive of imperial titles which is used only by the reigning emperor or his family.

Beata tranquillitas

Blessed Peace (of the state).

Bono Genio Pii Imperatoris

(to) the good Genius of the emperor.

Bonus Eventus

Good events, or happenings.

Cereri Frugif

(to) The fruit-bearing Ceres.

Claritas Reipub

Brightness of the Republic.

Clementia Temp

Clemency of the emperor (at the time).

Colonia Bostra

Colonia of Bostra (Arabia)

Concord Aequit

Concord of Equity.

Concordia Augg

Concord of the emperors.

Concord Mili or Concordia Militum

Military concord.

Conserv Urb Suae

Conserver of the city (Rome).

Comiti Augg NN

Retinue of the emperors.

COS (Consul)

One of the two chief magistrates of the Roman state, and often the emperor was one.


A country.

Deo Vulcano

(to) The god Vulcan.

Diana Lucifera

Diana the bringer of light.

Dis Genitalibus

For having children.

D N (Dominus Noster)

Our Lord, in the context of our lord and ruler of the Roman people

D N Licini Augusti

(of) our lord Licinius, emperor.

Dominor Nostror Caess

Caesars, our lords.

Erculi Victori

To Hercules the Victor.

E X S C Ob Cives Servatos

A decree of the senate bestowed for having saved the lives of citizens.

Fecund Augustae

Fertility of the Empress.

Fel Temp Reparatio

Restoration of the happy times.

Felicitas Augg NN

Happiness of our emperors.

Felicitas Republicae

Happiness of the Republic.

Felix Advent Augg NN

Happy arrival of both our emperors.

Fides Exerc, or Fides Exercitum

Fidelity of the soldiers, or of the army.

Fides Mutua Augg

Mutual faith of the emperors.

Fort red, or Fortuna Redux

Fortunate return of our emperor.

Fortunae Reduci Augg NN

(to) the fortunate return of our emperors.

Genio Antiocheni

Genius (Guardian) of Antioch.

Genio Augg et Caesarum NN

(to) the genius of the emperors and our Caesars.

Genio Augusti, Genio Imperatoris

(to) the genius of the emperor (or emperors).

Genio Pop Rom

(to) the genius of the Roman people.

Genius Senatus

Genius of the senate.


A country, province.

Gloria Novi Saeculi

The glory of the new age.

Gloria Romanorum

The glory of Rome (Of the Romans).

Hilaritas Augg

Mirth, or joy, of our emperors.

Hoc Signo Victor Eris

By this sign shalt thou be the victor (or, shalt thou conquer).



Honos et Virtus

Honor and virtue.

IMP (Imperator)


Indulgentia Augg In Carth

Indulgence of the emperors to Carthage.

Iovi Conservatori Augg NN

(to) Jupiter, conservator of our emperors.

Iov Exsup, etc.

Jove (Jupiter) who excels in all things.

Iovi Propugnatori

(to) Jupiter the defender.

Iovi Statori

(to) Jupiter the stabilizer.

Iovi Vot Susc Pro Sal Caes Aug SPQR

Vows to Jupiter by the senate and the Roman people for the restoration of the health of the emperor.


Julius, or Julia.



Iuno Felix

Happy Juno.

Iuno Lucina

Goddess of light.

Iuno Regina

Juno the Queen.

Iunoni Martiali

(to) the war-like Juno.

Iuppitor Custos

Jupiter the custodian.



Iuventus Augustus

The young Augustus.

Isis Faria

Isis, protector of the Island of Pharos.

Laetit Fundata, Laetitia Fund

Well-founded rejoicing.

Leg I, Leg II, Leg III, etc.

The numbers of the legions.

Lib Aug, etc.

Liberality of the emperor

Mag Pius

Great and pious.

Mars Ultor

Mars, the avenger.

Mars Victor

Mars, the victor.

Mart Pac, Marti Pacif, or Pacifero

Mars, the pacifier.

Marti Conservatori

(to) Mars the Conservator.

Marti Pacifier

(to) Mars the Pacifier.

Marti Propugt (or Propugnatori)

(to) Mars the Defender.


A province.

Miliarum Saeculum

Commencement of the new era, or age.

Miner Fautr

Minerva who gives favors.

Moneta Aug

Money of the emperor.

Munificentia Aug

Munificence of the emperor.

N F (Nobilissima Femina)

Most noble woman.

Oriens Aug

Rising sun (of the emperor).

Pacator Orbis

Pacifier of the earth.

Pace Pr Ubiq Parta Ianum Clusit

Refers to the portal of Janus being closed, indicating peace.

Paci Augustae

To the peace of the emperor.

Par, Ar, Ad, etc.

Parthia, Arabia, Adiabenicus (conquered nations).

Pax Fundata Cum Persis

Firm peace with the Persians.

Pietas Mutua Aug

The mutual piety of the two Augusti.

Pietas Romana

Roman piety.

PM (Pontifex Maximus)

Literally "head priest", the ruler's title as supreme head of the Roman religion.

Popul Iussu

By order of the Roman people.

PP (Pater Patriae)

Father of his country.

Primi Decennales

(of the) First period of ten years.

Profectio Aug

The emperor setting out for a visit or expedition.

Prov Deor, Provid Deor, Providentia Deorum

Providence of the gods

Providentiae Caess

Foresight of the Caesars.

Rector Orbis

Master of the world.

Regi Artis

(to the) King of the Arts.

Relig Aug

Religion of the emperor.

Reliqua Vetera H S Novies Mill Abolita

Refers to the liberality of the emperor (Hadrian) in remitting debts.

Reparatio Reipub

Restoration of the Republic.

Restitutor Africae


Restitutor, or ruler of Africa.


Restitutor Orbis


Restitutor, or ruler of the world.


Restitutor Urbis


Restitutor, or ruler of the city.


Sac Mon Urb Augg et Caes NN or Sacra Monet Augg et Caes Nostr

Sacred money of Rome, our emperors and our Caesars.

Saec Fel

Happy Age.

Saeculi (or Seculi) Felicitas

Happy Age (also, refers to the secular games).

Saeculo Frugifero

(to) The fruitful age.

Saeculum Novum

The new age.

Sal Gen Hum, or Salus Generis Humani

Lasting health to all humans.

Salus DD NN Aug et Caes

The health of Augustus and Caesar, our lords.

Salus Reipublicae

the health of the Republic.

Sanct Deo Soli Elagabal

(to) Holy Sun-God Elagabalus.

Sarmatia Devicta

Victory over Sarmatia.

Securit Imperii

Security of the empire.

Securit Perp

Eternal security.

Serapi Comiti Aug

(to) Serapis, Companion and god of the emperor.

Soli Invicto Comiti

(to) The unconquerable Sun-God.

Senatus Populusque Romanus

The senate and the Roman people.

SPQR Optimo Principi

The senate and the Roman people to the highest prince.

Spes Perpetua

Eternal hope.

Spes Romanorum

Hope of the Romans.

Summus Sacerdos Aug

Highest prince (or priest) Augustus.

Tempor Felix

the happy times.


The Tiber (a personification).

TR P (Tribunicia Potestate)

The tribunician power, the emperor as civil head of the state.



Undique Victores

Victory everywhere.

Urbs Roma Felix

The happy city, Rome.

Veneri Victrici

(to) Venus the Victress.

Venus Coelestis

Heavenly Venus.

Venus Felix

Happy Venus.

Victoria Aeterna Aug N

Eternal victory for our emperor.

Victoriae DD Augg NN

(to) Victory of our emperors.

Virtus Exerciti

Referring to the courage of the army.

Virtus Militum

Victory (Virtue) of the army.

Virtus Romanorum

Virtue of the Romans.

Vot Susc or Vota Suscepta

Sacrifice vows.

Votis Decennalibus

Vows of the ten years, or the tenth year.

Vota Publica

Public vows.


All coins are guaranteed for eternity