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The Sign that Changed the World
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Tribute Penny Debate Continued (2015)
Tribute Penny Debate Revisited (2006)
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AEmilium, Pontus
Abacaenum, Sicily
AbbaŽtae-Mysi, Phrygia
Abdera, Thrace
Abila, Syria
Abonuteichus, Paphlagonia
Abydus, Troas
Acalissus, Lycia
Acanthus, Macedon
AccilaŽum, Phrygia
Acerrae, Campania
Achaei of Phthiotis, Thessaly
Achaia, Bosporus
Achilleion, Troas
Achulla, Byzacene
Acmoneia, Phrygia
Acrae, Sicily
Acraephia, Boeotia
Acrasus, Lydia
Adada, Pisidia
Adana, Cilicia
Adraa, Arabia
Adramyteum, Mysia
Adranum, Sicily
Aegae, Aeolis
Aegae, Macedon
Aegae, Peloponnesus
Aegeae, Cilicia
Aegeira, Peloponnesus
Aegiale, Cyclades
Aegirus, Lesbos
Aegium, Peloponnesus
Aegospotami, Thrace
Aegosthena, Megaris
Aelia Capitolina, Syria
Aeneia, Macedon
Aenianes, Thessaly
Aenus, Thrace
Aesernia, Samnium
Aetna, Sicily
Aezanis, Phrygia
Agathopolis, Thrace
Agrigentum, Sicily
Agrippia Caesarea, Bosporus
Agrippias, Syria
Agyrium, Sicily
Alabanda, Caria
Alaesa, Sicily
Alba Fucens, Latium
Alea, Peloponnesus
Aletium, Calabria
Alexandreia, Egypt
Alexandreia ad Issum, Cilicia
Alexandria Troas, Troas
Alia, Phrygia
Alinda, Caria
Alipheira, Peloponnesus
Alipota, Byzacene
Allaria, Crete
Allifae, Campania
Alopeconnesus, Thrace
Aluntium, Sicily
Alyzia, Acarnania
Amantia, Illyricum
Amasia, Pontus
Amastris, Paphlagonia
Amathus, Cyprus
Amblada, Pisidia
Ambracia, Epirus
Amestratus, Sicily
Ami..., Lucania
Amisus, Pontus
Amorgos, Cyclades
Amorium, Phrygia
Amphaxitis, Macedon
Amphipolis, Macedon
Amphipolis, Macedon
Amphissa, Locris
Amyzon, Caria
Anactorium, Acarnania
Anaphe, Cyclades
Anazarbus, Cilicia
Anchialus, Thrace
Ancona, Picenum
Ancyra, Galatia
Ancyra, Phrygia
Andeda, Pisidia
Andros, Cyclades
Anemurium, Cilicia
Aninetus, Lydia
Anopolis, Crete
Antandrus, Troas
Anthedon, Syria
Anthemusia, Mesopotamia
Anticyra, Phocis
Antigoneia, Peloponnesus
Antiocheia, Phrygia
Antiocheia, Pisidia
Antiocheia ad Cragum, Cilicia
Antiocheia ad Cydnum, Cilicia
Antiocheia ad Euphratem, Syria
Antiocheia ad Hippum, Syria
Antiocheia ad Maeandrum, Caria
Antiocheia ad Orontem, Syria
Antiocheia ad Sarum, Cilicia
Antiocheni ad Daphnen, Syria
Antipatris, Syria
Antiphellus, Lycia
Antipolis, Gallia
Antissa, Lesbos
Apameia, Bithynia
Apameia, Phrygia
Apameia, Syria
Aperlae, Lycia
Aphrodisias, Caria
Aphrodisias, Cilicia
Aphytis, Macedon
Apollonia, Crete
Apollonia, Illyricum
Apollonia, Lycia
Apollonia, Macedon
Apollonia Pontica, Thrace
Apollonia Salbace, Caria
Apollonia ad Rhyndacum, Mysia
Apollonia-Mordiaeum, Pisidia
Apollonieron, Lydia
Apollonis, Lydia
Apollonos-hieron, Lydia
Appia, Phrygia
Aptera, Crete
Aquilonia, Samnium
Aquinum, Latium
Aradus, Syria
Araxa, Lycia
Arcadia, Crete
Arcesine, Cyclades
Argos, Peloponnesus
Argos Amphilochicum, Acarnania
Ariassus, Pisidia
Ariminum, Umbria
Arpi, Apulia
Arsinoeia, Ionia
ArsinoŽ, Crete
Arycanda, Lycia
Ascalon, Syria
Asculum, Picenum
Asea, Peloponnesus
Asine, Peloponnesus
Asopus, Peloponnesus
Aspendus, Pamphylia
Assorus, Sicily
Assus, Troas
Astacus, Acarnania
Astacus, Bithynia
Astypalaea, Caria
Astyra, Caria
Atarneus, Mysia
Atella, Campania
Athamanes, Epirus
Athens, Attica
Atrax, Thessaly
Attaea, Mysia
Attaleia, Lydia
Attalia, Pamphylia
Attuda, Caria
Atusia, Assyria
Augusta, Cilicia
Augusta Trajana, Thrace
Aureliopolis, Lydia
Ausculum, Apulia
Autocane, Aeolis
Axus, Crete
Azetium, Apulia
Babba, Numidia
Bageis, Lydia
Balanaea, Syria
Balbura, Lycia
Baletium, Calabria
Barata, Lycaonia
Barce, Cyrenaica
Bargasa, Caria
Bargylia, Caria
Baris, Pisidia
Barium, Apulia
Beneventum, Samnium
Beroea, Macedon
Beroea, Syria
Berytus, Syria
Beudus Vetus, Phrygia
Biannos, Crete
Biennos, Crete
Bilan, Syrtica
Birytis, Troas
Bisaltae, Macedon
Bisanthe, Thrace
Bithynium, Bithynia
Bizya, Thrace
Blaundus, Lydia
Boeae, Peloponnesus
Boeone, Aeolis
Bostra, Arabia
Botrys, Syria
Bottiaea, Macedon
Bottice, Macedon
Bria, Phrygia
Briula, Lydia
Brundisium, Calabria
Bruzus, Phrygia
Bubon, Lycia
Bulla Regia, Numidia
Bura, Peloponnesus
Buthrotum, Epirus
Butuntum, Apulia
Byblus, Syria
Byllis, Illyricum
Byzantium, Thrace
Cabeira, Pontus
Cabyle, Thrace
Cadi, Phrygia
Cadyanda, Lycia
Caelia, Apulia
Caena, Sicily
Caenicenses, Gallia
Caesarea, Numidia
Caesareia, Cappadocia
Caesareia, Syria
Caesareia Germanica, Bithynia
Caesareia Panias, Syria
Caesareia ad Libanum, Syria
Caiatia, Campania
Calacte, Sicily
Calatia, Campania
Calchedon, Bithynia
Cales, Campania
Callatis, Thrace
Callipolis, Caria
Callista, Peloponnesus
Calymna, Caria
Calynda, Lycia
Camarata, Numidia
Camarina, Sicily
Came, Mysia
Camirus Rhodi, Caria
Campani, Sicily
Canata, Syria
Canatha, Syria
Candyba, Lycia
Cane, Aeolis
Canusium, Apulia
Caphya, Peloponnesus
Capitolias, Syria
Capsa, Macedon
Capua, Campania
Carallia, Cilicia
Carcine, Thrace
Cardia, Thrace
Carne, Syria
Carnos, Syria
Carpathos, Caria
Carrhae, Mesopotamia
Carthaea, Cyclades
Carthago, Zeugitana
Caryanda, Caria
Carystus, Euboea
Casae, Cilicia
Cassandreia, Macedon
Cassope, Epirus
Castabala, Cilicia
Catana, Sicily
Caulonia, Bruttium
Caunus, Caria
Caˇstriani, Lydia
Cebren, Troas
Celenderis, Cilicia
Cennatis, Cilicia
Central Gaul, Gallia
Centuripae, Sicily
Ceos, Cyclades
Cephallenia, Peloponnesus
Cephaloedium, Sicily
Ceraea, Crete
Ceramus, Caria
Cerasus, Pontus
CeraÔtae, Pisidia
Cercinitis, Thrace
Ceretapa, Phrygia
Ceryneia, Peloponnesus
Cestrus, Cilicia
Cetis or Cietis, Cilicia
Chabacta, Pontus
Chaeroneia, Boeotia
Chalcis, Euboea
Chalcis, Syria
Chalcis sub Libano, Syria
Charach-Moba, Arabia
Cherronesus, Crete
Cherronesus, Thrace
Chersonesus, Caria
Chersonesus, Crete
Chios, Ionia
Choma, Lycia
Cibyra, Phrygia
Cibyra Minor, Cilicia
Cidramus, Caria
Cidyessus, Phrygia
Cierium, Thessaly
Cilbiani, Lydia
Cimolos, Cyclades
Cirrha, Phocis
Cirta, Numidia
Cisthene, Mysia
Cithus, Lesbos
Citium, Cyprus
Cius, Bithynia
Clannudda, Lydia
Claudiopolis, Bithynia
Claudiopolis, Bithynia
Claudiopolis, Cilicia
Clazomenae, Ionia
Cleitor, Peloponnesus
Cleonae, Peloponnesus
Clypea, Zeugitana
Cnidus, Caria
Cnossus, Crete
Codrula, Pisidia
Coela, Thrace
Coelus, Thrace
Colbasa, Pisidia
Colone, Peloponnesus
Colone, Troas
Colophon, Ionia
Colossae, Phrygia
Colybrassus, Cilicia
Comama, Pisidia
Comana, Cappadocia
Comana, Pontus
Commagene, Syria
Commune Bithyniae, Bithynia
Compsa, Samnium
Compulteria, Campania
Conana, Pisidia
Consentia, Bruttium
Copae, Boeotia
Copia, Lucania
Cora, Latium
Coracesium, Cilicia
Corcyra Nigra, Illyricum
Coressia, Cyclades
Corinth, Corinthia
Corone, Peloponnesus
Coroneia, Boeotia
Coronta, Acarnania
Coropissus, Cilicia
Corycus, Cilicia
Corydalla, Lycia
Cos, Caria
Cosa, Etruria
Cossura, Zeugitana
CotiaĀŽum, Phrygia
Cotusa, Macedon
Cragus, Lycia
Cranii, Peloponnesus
Crannon, Thessaly
Cremna, Pisidia
Creteia-Flaviopolis, Bithynia
Crithote, Thrace
Cromna, Paphlagonia
Croton, Bruttium
Cubulteria, Campania
Cumae, Campania
Curium, Cyprus
Cyane, Lycia
Cybistra, Cappadocia
Cydonia, Crete
Cyme, Aeolis
Cyme, Euboea
Cynaetha, Peloponnesus
Cyparissia, Peloponnesus
Cypsela, Thrace
Cyrene, Cyrenaica
Cyrrhus, Syria
Cys, Caria
Cythera, Peloponnesus
Cythnos, Cyclades
Cyzicus, Mysia
Dacia, Thrace
Daldis, Lydia
Dalisandus, Lycaonia
Damascus, Syria
Damastium, Illyricum
Daorsi, Illyricum
Dardanus, Troas
Delos, Cyclades
Delphi, Phocis
Demetrias, Syria
Demetrias, Thessaly
Demetrias ad Tigrim, Assyria
Derbe, Lycaonia
Derrones, Macedon
Deultum, Thrace
Dia, Bithynia
Diarrhytus, Zeugitana
Dias, Lycia
Dicaea, Macedon
Dicaea, Thrace
Diocaesareia, Cilicia
Diocaesareia-Sepphoris, Syria
Diocleia, Phrygia
Diony..., Macedon
Dionysopolis, Phrygia
Dionysopolis, Thrace
Dioscurias, Colchis
Dioshieron, Lydia
Diospolis-Lydda, Syria
Dipaea, Peloponnesus
Dium, Macedon
Dium, Syria
Docimeium, Phrygia
Dodona, Epirus
Doliche, Syria
Dora, Syria
DorylaĀŽum, Phrygia
Dyme, Peloponnesus
Dyrrhachii, Illyricum
Eboda, Arabia
Ebusus, Hispania
Eccarra, Thessaly
Echinus, Acarnania
Edessa, Macedon
Edessa, Mesopotamia
Edoni, Macedon
Elaea, Aeolis
Elaeus, Thrace
Elaeusa-Sebaste, Cilicia
Elateia, Phocis
Elateia, Thessaly
Elea, Epirus
Elea, Lucania
Eleusis, Attica
Eleutherion, Mysia
Eleutherna, Crete
Eleutheropolis, Syria
Elisphasii, Peloponnesus
Elyrus, Crete
Emisa, Syria
Emporiae, Hispania
Enna, Sicily
Entella, Sicily
Ephesus, Ionia
Epicteteis, Phrygia
Epidaurus, Peloponnesus
Epiphaneia, Cilicia
Epiphaneia, Syria
Eresus, Lesbos
Eretria, Euboea
Ergetium, Sicily
Eriza, Phrygia
Erythrae, Ionia
Eryx, Sicily
Esbus, Arabia
Etenna, Pisidia
Eucarpeia, Phrygia
Euesperides, Cyrenaica
Euippe, Caria
Eumeneia, Phrygia
Eurea, Thessaly
Euromus, Caria
Eurydiceia, Ionia
Eurymenae, Thessaly
Eusebeia, Cappadocia
EÔon, Macedon
Fenseris, Campania
Firmum, Picenum
Flavia Grimenothyrae, Phrygia
Flaviopolis, Cilicia
Flaviopolis, Phrygia
Fulvia, Phrygia
Gaba, Syria
Gabala, Syria
Gadara, Syria
Gades, Hispania
Gadiauphala, Numidia
Gagae, Lycia
Galaria, Sicily
Gambrium, Mysia
Gangra, Paphlagonia
Gargara, Troas
Gaulish Money, Gallia
Gaulos, Zeugitana
Gaza, Syria
Gaziura, Pontus
Gebal, Syria
Gela, Sicily
Gentinus, Troas
Gerasa, Syria
Gergis, Syrtica
Gergis, Troas
Germa, Galatia
Germanicia Caesareia, Syria
Germanicopolis, Cilicia
Germanicopolis, Paphlagonia
Germe, Lydia
Glanum, Gallia
Golgi, Cyprus
Gomphi, Thessaly
Gonnus, Thessaly
Gordiuteichos, Caria
Gordus-Julia, Lydia
Gorgippia, Bosporus
Gortyna, Crete
Gortys, Peloponnesus
Graxa, Calabria
Grimenothyrae, Phrygia
Grumum, Apulia
Grynium, Aeolis
Gyaros, Cyclades
Gyrton, Thessaly
Gythium, Peloponnesus
Hadria, Picenum
Hadrianeia, Mysia
Hadriani ad Olympum, Mysia
Hadrianopolis, Phrygia
Hadrianopolis, Thrace
Hadrianothera, Mysia
Hadrumetum, Byzacene
Haemilium, Pontus
Haliartus, Boeotia
Halicarnassus, Caria
Halus, Thessaly
Hamaxitus, Troas
Harpasa, Caria
Hatria, Picenum
Helice, Peloponnesus
Heliopolis, Syria
Hephaestia Lemni, Thrace
Heraclea, Lucania
Heraclea Minoa, Sicily
Heracleia, Illyricum
Heracleia Pontica, Bithynia
Heracleia Salbace, Caria
Heracleia Sintica, Macedon
Heracleia Trachinia, Thessaly
Heracleia ad Latmum, Ionia
Heraea, Peloponnesus
Herbessus, Sicily
Herdoniae, Apulia
Hermione, Peloponnesus
Hermocapelia, Lydia
Hierapolis, Phrygia
Hierapytna, Crete
Hierocaesareia, Lydia
Hieropolis, Phrygia
Hieropolis, Syria
Hieropolis-Castabala, Cilicia
Himera, Sicily
Hipana, Sicily
Hippo, Zeugitana
Hippo Regius, Numidia
Hipponium, Bruttium
Histiaea, Euboea
Holmi, Cilicia
Homolium, Thessaly
Hybla Magna, Sicily
Hyde, Lycaonia
Hydisus, Caria
Hydrela, Phrygia
Hyele, Lucania
Hyllarima, Caria
Hypaepa, Lydia
Hypata, Thessaly
Hyrcanis, Lydia
Hyrgaleis, Phrygia
Hyria, Calabria
Hyria, Campania
Hyrium, Apulia
Hyrtacina, Crete
Iaetia, Sicily
Ialysus Rhodi, Caria
Iasus, Caria
Icaria, Ionia
Ichnae, Macedon
Iconium, Lycaonia
Icus, Thessaly
Idalium, Cyprus
Idyma, Caria
Iguvium, Umbria
Ilistra, Lycaonia
Ilium, Troas
Imbros, Thrace
Indi-Stratoniceia, Lydia
Iol, Numidia
Iolla, Mysia
Ionopolis, Paphlagonia
Ionopolis, Paphlagonia
Ios, Cyclades
Iotape, Cilicia
Ipsus, Phrygia
Irenopolis, Cilicia
Irnum, Campania
Isaura Nova, Cilicia
Isinda, Pisidia
Issa, Illyricum
Issus, Cilicia
Istrus, Thrace
Itanus, Crete
Ithaca, Peloponnesus
Iulia, Phrygia
Iuliopolis, Bithynia
Iulis, Cyclades
Joppa, Syria
Julia-Gordus, Lydia
Koinon of Pontus, Pontus
Lacanatis, Cilicia
Lacedaemon, Peloponnesus
Laeaei, Macedon
Laerte, Cilicia
Lagbe, Pisidia
Lalassis, Cilicia
Lamia, Thessaly
Lamponeia, Troas
Lampsacus, Mysia
Lamus, Cilicia
Laodiceia, Pontus
Laodiceia Combusta, Lycaonia
Laodiceia Phoeniciae, Syria
Laodiceia ad Libanum, Syria
Laodiceia ad Lycum, Phrygia
Laodiceia ad Mare, Syria
Lapethus, Cyprus
Lappa, Crete
Laranda, Lycaonia
Larinum, Frentani
Larisa, Ionia
Larissa, Syria
Larissa, Thessaly
Larissa Cremaste, Thessaly
Larissa Phriconis, Aeolis
Las, Peloponnesus
Latus, Crete
LaŁs, Lucania
Lebadeia, Boeotia
Lebedus, Ionia
Ledon, Phocis
Lemnos, Thrace
Leonna, Phrygia
Leonnaea, Phrygia
Leontini, Sicily
Leptis Magna, Syrtica
Leptis Minor, Byzacene
Lete, Macedon
Leucae, Ionia
Leucas, Acarnania
Leucas on the Chrysoroas, Syria
Leuce, Ionia
Lilaea, Phocis
Lilybaeum, Sicily
Limyra, Lycia
Lindus Rhodi, Caria
Lipara, Sicily
Lissus, Illyricum
Lisus, Crete
Lix, Numidia
Locri Epizephyrii, Bruttium
Longane, Sicily
Lucani, Lucania
Luceria, Apulia
Lusi, Peloponnesus
Lydae, Caria
Lyrbe, Cilicia
Lysias, Phrygia
Lysimachia, Thrace
Lysinia, Pisidia
Lystra, Lycaonia
Lyttus, Crete
Macae, Libya
Macaraea, Syrtica
Macedonia a Roman Province, Macedon
Macomades, Numidia
Madytus, Thrace
Maeonia, Lydia
Magarsus, Cilicia
Magnesia ad Maeandrum, Ionia
Magnesia ad Sipylum, Lydia
Magnetes, Thessaly
Magydus, Pamphylia
Maiies, Campania
Malienses, Thessaly
Malies, Campania
Malla, Crete
Mallus, Cilicia
Malus, Pisidia
Mamertini, Sicily
Mantineia, Peloponnesus
Marathus, Syria
Marcianopolis, Thrace
Marium, Cyprus
Maroneia, Thrace
Masicytes, Lycia
Massalia, Gallia
Mastaura, Lydia
Mateola, Apulia
Medaba, Arabia
Medeon, Acarnania
Medma, Bruttium
Megalopolis, Peloponnesus
Megara, Megaris
Megara Hyblaea, Sicily
Megiste, Caria
Meliboea, Thessaly
Melita, Zeugitana
Melitaea, Thessaly
Melos, Cyclades
Menae, Sicily
Menaenum, Sicily
Mende, Macedon
Mesembria, Thrace
Mesma, Bruttium
Messana, Sicily
Messene, Peloponnesus
Metapontum, Lucania
Methana, Peloponnesus
Methone, Macedon
Methydrium, Peloponnesus
Methydrium, Thessaly
Methylium, Thessaly
Methymna, Lesbos
Metropolis, Acarnania
Metropolis, Ionia
Metropolis, Phrygia
Metropolis, Thessaly
MidaĀŽum, Phrygia
Miletopolis, Mysia
Miletus, Ionia
Minassus, Pisidia
Minoa, Cyclades
Moda, Crete
Mol...., Lucania
Molossi, Epirus
Mopsium, Thessaly
Mopsuestia, Cilicia
Mopsus, Cilicia
Morgantina, Sicily
Mostene, Lydia
Mothone, Peloponnesus
Motya, Sicily
Mycalessus, Boeotia
Myconos, Cyclades
Myes, Ionia
Mylasa, Caria
Myndus, Caria
Myra, Lycia
Myrina, Aeolis
Myrina, Crete
Myrina Lemni, Thrace
Myrlea, Bithynia
Mystia and Hyporon, Bruttium
Mytilene, Lesbos
Mytistratus, Sicily
Myus, Cilicia
Myus, Ionia
Nacoleia, Phrygia
Nacona, Sicily
Nacrasa, Lydia
Nagidus, Cilicia
Naucratis, Egypt
Naulochus, Ionia
Naxos, Cyclades
Naxus, Sicily
Neandria, Troas
Neapolis, Apulia
Neapolis, Campania
Neapolis, Ionia
Neapolis, Macedon
Neapolis, Syria
Neapolis Myndiorum, Caria
Neapolis ad Harpasum, Caria
Neocaesareia, Pontus
Neoclaudiopolis, Paphlagonia
Neon, Phocis
Neonteichos, Aeolis
Neopolis, Sicily
Neretum, Calabria
Nesos, Lesbos
Nicaea, Bithynia
Nicaea, Lydia
Nicephorim, Mesopotamia
Nicomedia, Bithynia
Nicopolis, Epirus
Nicopolis, Thrace
Nicopolis Seleucidis, Syria
Nicopolis ad Lycum, Pontus
Nicopolis ad Nestum, Thrace
Nicopolis-Emmaus, Syria
Ninica Claudiopolis, Cilicia
Nisibis, Mesopotamia
Nisyros, Caria
Nola, Campania
Northern Gaul, Gallia
Nuceria, Bruttium
Nuceria Alfaterna, Campania
Nymphaeum, Thrace
Nysa, Lydia
Nysa Scythopolis, Syria
Ococleia, Phrygia
Odessus, Thrace
Odrysae, Thrace
Oea, Syrtica
Oeantheia, Locris
Oeniadae, Acarnania
Oenoanda, Lycia
Oetaei, Thessaly
Olba, Cilicia
Olbasa, Pisidia
Olbia, Pamphylia
Olbia, Thrace
Olophyxus, Macedon
Olus, Crete
Olympus, Lycia
Olynthus, Macedon
Ophrynium, Troas
Orchomenus, Peloponnesus
Orchomenus or Erchomenus, Boeotia
Oricus, Illyricum
Oropus, Attica
Orra, Calabria
Orrescii, Macedon
Orthagoreia, Macedon
Orthe, Thessaly
Orthosia, Caria
Orthosia, Syria
Otrus, Phrygia
Pactolus, Lydia
Paestum, Lucania
Pagae, Megaris
Pal...., Lucania
Palaeobeudos, Phrygia
Palaeopolis, Pisidia
Palaerus, Acarnania
Pale, Peloponnesus
Pallantium, Peloponnesus
Pallanum, Frentani
Palmyra, Syria
Paltus, Syria
Pandosia, Bruttium
Pandosia, Epirus
Panemoteichos, Pisidia
Panormus, Sicily
Panticapaeum, Thrace
Paphos, Cyprus
Pappa Tiberia, Pisidia
Parium, Mysia
Parlais, Lycaonia
Paropus, Sicily
Paros, Cyclades
Parrhasia, Peloponnesus
Patara, Lycia
Patrae, Peloponnesus
Pautalia, Thrace
Pednelissus, Pisidia
Peiraeeus, Pontus
Peirasiae, Thessaly
Pelagia, Illyricum
Pelinna, Thessaly
Pella, Macedon
Pella, Syria
Pellene, Peloponnesus
Peltae, Phrygia
Peparethus, Thessaly
Perga, Pamphylia
Pergamum, Mysia
Perinthus, Thrace
Peripolium, Bruttium
Perperene, Mysia
Perrhaebi, Thessaly
Pessinus, Galatia
Petelia, Bruttium
Petra, Arabia
Petra, Sicily
Petthali, Thessaly
Peumata, Thessaly
Phacium, Thessaly
Phaestus, Crete
Phalanna, Thessaly
Phalasarna, Crete
Phaloria, Thessaly
Phanagoria, Bosporus
Pharae, Boeotia
Pharcadon, Thessaly
Pharnaceia, Pontus
Pharos, Illyricum
Pharsalus, Thessaly
Phaselis, Lycia
Phellus, Lycia
Pheneus, Peloponnesus
Pherae, Thessaly
Phialia, Peloponnesus
Phigaleia, Peloponnesus
Phila, Macedon
Philadelpheia, Cilicia
Philadelpheia, Lydia
Philadelpheia, Syria
Philippi, Macedon
Philippopolis, Arabia
Philippopolis, Thessaly
Philippopolis, Thrace
Philomelium, Phrygia
Phistelia, Campania
Phlius, Peloponnesus
Phocaea, Ionia
Phoenice, Epirus
Pholegandros, Cyclades
Phygela, Ionia
Phytia, Acarnania
Phytia, Thrace
Piacus, Sicily
Pimolisa, Paphlagonia
Pimolisa, Pontus
Pinara, Lycia
Pionia, Troas
Pisa, Peloponnesus
Pitane, Mysia
Placia, Mysia
Plarasa, Caria
Plataea, Boeotia
Plotinopolis, Thrace
Podalia, Lycia
Poemanenon, Mysia
Pogla, Pisidia
Polyrhenium, Crete
Pompeiopolis, Paphlagonia
Pordosilene, Lesbos
Poroselene, Lesbos
Poseidium, Caria
Poseidonia, Lucania
Posidium, Syria
Potidaea, Macedon
Praesus, Crete
Priansus, Crete
Priapus, Mysia
Priene, Ionia
Proconnesus, Mysia
Proni, Peloponnesus
Prostanna, Pisidia
ProŽrna, Thessaly
Prusa ad Olympum, Bithynia
Prusias ad Hypium, Bithynia
Prusias ad mare, Bithynia
Prymnessus, Phrygia
Psophis, Peloponnesus
Ptolemais-Ace, Syria
PtolemaÔs, Cyrenaica
PtolemaÔs, Ionia
Pydna, Macedon
Pylus, Peloponnesus
Pyrrha, Lesbos
Rabbath-Moba, Arabia
Raphanea, Syria
Raphia, Syria
Rhaucus, Crete
Rhegium, Bruttium
Rhesaena, Mesopotamia
Rhithymna, Crete
Rhizon, Illyricum
Rhizus, Thessaly
Rhoda, Hispania
Rhodes, Caria
Rhodiapolis, Lycia
Rhodus, Caria
Rhoeteium, Troas
Rhosus, Syria
Romano-Iberian and Latin currency, Hispania
Rubi, Apulia
Rusadir, Numidia
Sabratha, Syrtica
Sagalassus, Pisidia
Sala, Lydia
Sala, Numidia
Salamis, Attica
Salamis, Cyprus
Salapia, Apulia
Salviana, Numidia
Salybria, Thrace
Samadi, Apulia
Same, Peloponnesus
Samnagenses, Gallia
Samos, Ionia
Samosata, Syria
Samothrace, Thrace
SanaĀŁs, Phrygia
Sardes, Lydia
Sardinia, Sicily
Sarnoa, Illyricum
Savatra, Lycaonia
SaÔtta, Lydia
Scamandria, Troas
Scapsa, Macedon
Scarpheia, Locris
Scepsis, Troas
Sciathus, Thessaly
Scione, Macedon
Scodra, Illyricum
Scotussa, Macedon
Scotussa, Thessaly
Sebaste, Paphlagonia
Sebaste, Phrygia
Sebaste, Syria
Sebasteia, Pontus
Sebastopolis, Caria
Sebastopolis-Heracleopolis, Pontus
Segesta, Sicily
Seleuceia, Pisidia
Seleuceia Pieria, Syria
Seleuceia ad Calycadnum, Cilicia
Seleuceia ad Tigrim, Mesopotamia
Selge, Pisidia
Selinus, Cilicia
Selinus, Sicily
Selymbria, Thrace
Semes, Numidia
Serdica, Thrace
Sergentium, Sicily
Seriphos, Cyclades
Sermyle, Macedon
Sesamus, Paphlagonia
Sestus, Thrace
Sibidunda, Phrygia
Siblia, Phrygia
Sicinos, Cyclades
Siculo-Punic Coins, Sicily
Sicyon, Peloponnesus
Side, Pamphylia
Sidis, Apulia
Sidon, Syria
Sidyma, Lycia
Siga, Numidia
Sigeium, Troas
Signia, Latium
Silandus, Lydia
Silerae, Sicily
Sillyum, Pamphylia
Sinde, Bosporus
Singara, Mesopotamia
Sinope, Paphlagonia
Siocharax, Phrygia
Siphnos, Cyclades
Siris and Pyxus, Lucania
Smyrna, Ionia
Soli, Cyprus
Soli-Pompeiopolis, Cilicia
Solus, Sicily
Southern Gaul, Gallia
Stectorium, Phrygia
Stiela, Sicily
Stobi, Macedon
Stratoniceia, Caria
Stratoniceia-Hadrianopolis, Lydia
Stratus, Acarnania
Sturnium, Calabria
Styella, Sicily
Stymphalus, Peloponnesus
Suessa Aurunca, Campania
Suthul, Numidia
Syangela, Caria
Sybaris, Lucania
Sybrita, Crete
Syedra, Cilicia
Syme, Caria
SynaĀŁs, Phrygia
Synnada, Phrygia
Syracuse, Sicily
Syros, Cyclades
Tabae, Caria
Tabala, Lydia
Tamusia, Numidia
Tamusida, Numidia
Tanagra, Boeotia
Tanus, Crete
Tarentum, Calabria
Tarra, Crete
Tarsus, Cilicia
Taulara, Pontus
Tauromenium, Sicily
Tavium, Galatia
Teanum Sidicinum, Campania
Teate, Apulia
Tegea, Peloponnesus
Telesia, Samnium
Telmessus, Lycia
Telos, Caria
Temenothyrae Flaviopolis, Phrygia
Temesa, Bruttium
Temnus, Aeolis
Tenea, Corinthia
Tenedos, Troas
Tenestini, Illyricum
Tenos, Cyclades
Teos, Ionia
Terina, Bruttium
Termera, Caria
Termessus Major, Pisidia
Termessus Minor, Lycia
Terone, Macedon
Tetrapolis of Seleucis, Syria
Teuchira, Cyrenaica
Teuthis, Peloponnesus
Teuthrania, Mysia
Thabraca, Numidia
Thaena, Byzacene
Thagora, Numidia
Thaliadae, Peloponnesus
Thapsus, Byzacene
Thasos, Thrace
Thebae, Thessaly
Thebe, Mysia
Thebes, Boeotia
Theisoa, Peloponnesus
Thelpusa, Peloponnesus
Themisonium, Phrygia
Theodosia, Thrace
Thera, Cyclades
Therma, Macedon
Thermae Himerenses, Sicily
Thespiae, Boeotia
Thessali, Thessaly
Thessalonica, Macedon
Thronium, Locris
Thuria, Peloponnesus
Thurium, Lucania
Thyatira, Lydia
Thymbra, Troas
Thyrrheium, Acarnania
Thysdrus, Byzacene
Tiberias, Syria
Tiberiopolis, Phrygia
Timbriada, Pisidia
Timici, Numidia
Tingis, Numidia
Tipasa, Numidia
Tipasa, Numidia
Tiryns, Peloponnesus
Tisna, Aeolis
Titacazus, Lydia
Titiopolis, Cilicia
Tityassus, Pisidia
Tium, Bithynia
Tlos, Lycia
Tmolus Aureliopolis, Lydia
Tomaris, Lydia
Tomis, Thrace
Topirus, Thrace
Torone, Macedon
Tragilus, Macedon
Trajanopolis, Phrygia
Trajanopolis, Thrace
Tralles, Lydia
Trapezopolis, Caria
Trapezus, Pontus
Trebenna, Lycia
Tricca, Thessaly
Trie[rus ?], Thrace
Tripolis, Lydia
Tripolis, Syria
Troezen, Peloponnesus
Tucca, Numidia
Tuder, Umbria
Tyana, Cappadocia
Tybenissus, Lycia
Tylisus, Crete
Tymena, Lycia
Tymnessus, Caria
Tyndaris, Sicily
Tynteni, Macedon
Tyra, Thrace
Tyre, Syria
Tyrrheni, Sicily
Uncertain mints, Hispania
Uncertain town, Sicily
Uranopolis, Macedon
Uria, Apulia
Ursentum, Lucania
Utica, Zeugitana
Uxentum, Calabria
Velecha, Campania
Velia, Lucania
Venafrum, Campania
Venusia, Apulia
Verbe, Pisidia
Vibo Valentia, Bruttium
Viminacium, Thrace
Volsinii, Etruria
Western Gaul, Gallia
Xanthus, Lycia
Zacynthus, Peloponnesus
Zaeelii, Macedon
Zaitha, Mesopotamia
Zancle, Sicily
Zarai, Numidia
Zautha, Mesopotamia
Zela, Pontus
Zeleia, Troas
Zephyrium-Hadrianopolis, Cilicia
Zeugma, Syria
Zilis, Numidia
All coins are guaranteed for eternity