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- IVPPITER VICTOR, on gold and silver coins of Vitellius
- MARS VICTOR on coins of Galba, Vitellius, Vespasian, Caracalla, Elagabalus, Gallienus, Postumus, Victorinus, Claudius II, Tetricus I, Tetericus II, Tacticus, Probus, Carus, Numerianus, Diocletian, Maximian Hercules, Carausius (sometimes called VICTO)and Constantine the Great.
- FIDES VICTOR on third brass coins of Probus
- VBIQVE VICTOR on gold coins of Constantine the Great
- HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS on second brass coins of Constantius II, Vetranio and Constantius Gallus, of the latter also in gold
- D N CONSTANTIVS VICTOR AVG on brass medallions of Constantius II
- D N CONSTANTIVS VICTOR SEMPER AVG on a gold medallion of Constantius II [VIC or VICT]
- D N VALENS VICTOR SEMPER AVG on gold medallions of Valens
- D N THEODEBERTVS VICTOR on gold coins of the Merovingian king Theodebert I AD 534-548

VICTOR, Victori
- MARTI VICTOR Marti Victori on silver coin of Pescennius Niger, on silver coins of Septimius Severus (sometimes VICTO).

Flavius Victor - Son of a the ruler Magnus Maximus.

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