Var abbreviates variety or variant. In attributions var follows a reference when coin is slightly different from but related to the referenced coin. It's a term used for a coin which is almost the same as the one in the catalogue, but there's a slight, and noteworthy, difference. The reverse figure might be drawn in a slightly different posture, for instance, or the bust might be wearing a wreath with different decoration. Some catalogues are devised by 'splitters' who classify every variant as a different type, others by 'lumpers' who count minor differences as varieties of a single type. There's no set rule.


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VAR Varo - On denarius, quinarius, and quadrans (See Varo) struck perhaps by |Caius| Terentius Varro in 216 BC; and on coins of Tiberius struck at Turiaso: T SVLP Q VAR Q PONT PILA AED MVN TVRI. See Terentia gens.

VAR Vario - On a second brass coin of Augustus of an uncertain colony, C VAR RVF SEX IVL POL IIIVIR Q.

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