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    POBLICIA, a plebian family, but of consular rank. Its cognomen on coins is Malleolus. There are fifteen varieties, all of silver, on some of which a small hammer or mallett is engraved, evidently alluding to the surname Malleolus, but none of these are scarce or of historical interest, except a denarius of Cneius Pompey, the son (without his portrait), which bears the name of the family.

    M. POBLICI. LEG. PRO. PR.----Head of Minerva. Rev.----CN. MAGNVS. IMP.----Pompey the Great, in a military habit, with his right foot on the prow of a ship, is recieving a palm branch, which a female figure (with two javelins and a small shield) is offering to his acceptance.

    According to the recieved opinion, this silver coin was struck by M. Poblicius, propraetor, under Pompeius Magnus, and the type signifies the benignant reception of that Roman Imperator by the Genius of Spain, at the period when he landed in that country to assist in carrying on the war against Sertorius. (See Pompeia family.) An almost similar subject appears on the reverse of a denarius of Minatius Sabinus.----See Minatia.

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