Various. Monete Italiane Regionali|. (Pavia, 1996 - present).

MIR is intended to update the Corpus Nummorum Italicorum (CNI) with corrections and up to date research. It is, however, less rigorous in reporting variations.  Twelve volumes have been printed to date.

  1. MIR Lombardia
  2. MIR Piemonte Sardegna Liguria e Corsica*
  3. MIR Emilia
  4. MIR Sicilia
  5. MIR Casa Savoia
  6. MIR Toscana: Zecche Minori
  7. MIR Savoia rami collaterali
  8. MIR Napoli
  9. MIR Firenze
  10. MIR Italia meridionale continentale: zecche minori (MIR 10)
  11. MIR Milano
  12. MIR Toscana: Firenze
* Not held by Forum. Please let us know if you see a copy for sale.

Also see Göbl MIR: R. Göbl, et al. Moneta Imperii Romani. 5 Vols. (Vienna, 1984-present).