Maximus (greatest).


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MAX. Maxima - See VICT PART MAX, Victoria Parthica Maxima on coins of Caracalla.

MAX. Maximo - I. O. MAX - Jovi Optimo Maximo.

MAX. Maximus. - A title of the chief pontiff.  Thus, P. MAX. or PON MAX, Pontifex Maximus.

MAX. Maximus. - A msculine surname derived from illustrious exploits.

MAX.  Maximus. - An epithet of honor applied to several emperors, as referring to some conquest or victory.  Thus M. Aurelius, L. Verus, Septimus Severus, and Caracalla were distinguished by the title Parthicus Maximus; Commodus with that of Britannicus Maximus.  Constantine the Great, after overcoming Maxentius, assumed the superlative MAX., which was afterwards conferred on Constans, and Valens.

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