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How can I add a page?

Decide on a title for your page (short is better, a single keyword is best).  Search for the title using the search function on the left side of the page.  If a page with that title is not found, the search results page will say the page does not exist and offer a link to create a new page.   You must enter something on the new page and save it or the page will not be created. 

How do I edit a page?

Above right you will see a row of tabs. To edit click the edit tab. You will then be able to change the page. Click the save button below when you have finished editing.

How can I turn off automatic links for a specific word?

To see how they can be turned off press the [Edit] tab and see this word: |Caesar|
and compare to this: Caesar

Put the word between vertical line symbols (shift \ on the keyboard).

How can I change font size?

Instead of changing the font size, highlight the text you want to make larger and the text type from "Normal" to "Title," Subtitle, or another text type and it will be formatted as appropriate for that text type. Those title types have various sizes and alignments so you have enough options to choose from when you need to change font size.

Sometimes saving a page takes too long, although the text on that page is not too long. Why do I have to wait a whole minute for that?

Because it has to maintain the automatic links between pages. For example when adding a new page (and a new title) it has to search all other
pages for that title.

I can't place the cursor under the horizontal line for the Dictionary Of Roman Coins articles so that I can |type| the text from the left column. I'm using Firefox. What should I do?

It seems to be a bug in FireFox, please place the cursor above the horizontal line and type the text. If you want you may insert a new horizontal line between your text and ours. And finally you may delete the horizontal line from the bottom. That should do it.

When I press ENTER there's too much space between the new line and the one above it. I'm using IE. What's wrong?

Like in Frontpage, ENTER means NEW PARAGRAPH (< p > in HTML)
and SHIFT+ENTER means NEW LINE (< br > in HTML)
This issue is to be found only when using IE. For FireFox or Netscape ENTER means NEW LINE.
So you may use SHIFT+ENTER to go to the next line, instead of |just| ENTER.

How can I add an article?

First decide on a title. Then determine the best keyword or phrase for your article. Search for the keyword or phrase.  If a page already exists perhaps add your article to that page.  If not click the link to create a new page.  Paste or type your article and save. See how can I add a page above.

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When I attempted to edit an entry in the DRC, the display changed so that I could see either the entry I was trying to retype or the space where I was trying to type it but not both.