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The autonomous coinage of Gorgippia and Phanagoria, the chief cities (on the Asiatic side) of the district known as the Cimmerian Bosporus, bear a close resemblance, in both style and fabric, to the more recent issues of Panticapaeum on the European side of the Straits. The geographical arrangement adopted in the present work, and by all numismatists, unfortunately necessitates the separation of the coins of the Asiatic from those of the European portion of the Bosporus. (See Tauric Chersonesus, supra, p. 279 sq.)

Achaia. For a coin attributed to this town (Strab. xi. 495) see Journ. int., vii. p. 353.

Agrippia Caesarea. See under Phanagoria.

Gorgippia, mod. Anapa, south-east of Phanagoria.

First century B.C.

Head of Apollo. ΓΟΡΓΙΠΠΕΩΝ Galloping stag and thyrsos.
AR 62 grs.
Id. [Num. Zeit., ii. Pl. XI. 1.] ΓΟΡΓΙ Bow in case and club
AR 34 grs.
Id.   „  Forepart of rushing bull.
AR Dr. (?)
Head of Apollo. ΓΟΡΓΙΠΓΙΕΩΝ Tripod and thyrsos.
Æ .8

Phanagoria. The chief city of Asiatic Bosporus, situate nearly opposite Panticapaeum, the European capital.

Fourth century B.C.

Young head in conical cap (Kabeiros). [BMC Pontus, p. 3.] ΦΑΝΑ Bull butting.
AR 68.7 grs.
Similar head. [R. N., 1900, p. 122.]   „   Forepart of butting bull.
AR 20 grs.
Bearded head in conical cap (Kabeiros).
[Koehne, Mus. Kot., I. p. 403, No. 23.]
  „   Bull butting.
AR Size .5

Third century B.C., or later.

Head of Pan. ΦΑ Bow and arrow.

First century B.C.

Head of young Dionysos.
[Z. f. N., xxiv. p. 71.]
ΦΑΝΑΓΟΡΙΤΩΝ within ivy-wreath.
AR 133 grs.
Head of Apollo. [Ib., Pl. III. 11.]   „  Thyrsos
AR 63 grs.
Head of Artemis Agrotera.
[BMC Pontus, p. 3.]
  „  Rose
AR 24.5 grs.

Bronze of this period. Head of Apollo; reverses, Prow; Tripod and thyrsos. Obv. Head of Artemis; rev. Stag. (For other types of Phanagoria see Burachkov, Pl. XXIII.)

In the first century A. D. Phanagoria appears to have borne the name of Agrippia Caesarea (see Pauly-Wissowa, s. v.), and to have struck the following coins :—

Veiled head of Livia. ΑΓΡΙΠΠΕΩΝ Prow.
Æ .85
Head of Livia (? as Aphrodite) wearing veil and kalathos. ΚΑΙΣΑΡΕΩΝ Sceptre [see BMC Pontus; Num. Zeit., ii. 280; cf. also Podschivalov, Beschreibung, p. 25, with Giel, Kl. Beiträge, p. 30].
Æ .9

Sinde. The Sindi were a Scythian people who dwelt to the east of the Palus Maeotis. Their seaport was Sinde.

Fourth century B.C.

Griffin, seated; in front, corn-grain.
[Giel, Kl. Beiträge, p. 6; cf. Berl. Blätter, I. p. 4.]
ΣΙΝΔΩΝ Horse 's head; incuse square.
AR 18 grs.
Head of Herakles. [Brit. Mus.] Id.
AR 25 grs. and AR 4.3 grs.
Herakles, kneeling, stringing bow.
[Giel, p. 6; Pl. I. 14.]
ΣΙΝΔΩ Owl facing; incuse square.
AR 19 grs.
Ox 's head, r. [Giel, p. 6; Pl. I. 15.]   „  Horse 's head, r.
AR 2 grs.