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ZENONIS (∆lia), wife of Basiliscus, ursurper of the Eastern throne A.D. 476-477, and brother of the Empress Verina, wife of Leo I. The title of Augusta was conferred upon her by her husband. Zeno sent her into exile with her husband and her son Marcus (of whom there are no coins), and they all perished of hunger in A.D. 477. The following coins are in existence:-
1. Obv. AEL. ZENONIS AVG. Bust of Zenonis to r., with diadem, crowned by a hand from above.

Rev. VICTORIA AVGGG. Victory walking to l., and holding a long cross; in the field to r., a star; in the exergue, CONOB. AV.
(400 frcs.)
2. Obv. Same legend and type.
Rev. Monogram of Zenonis. ∆. III. (60 frcs.)

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