Latin: Public utility (common good).


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VTILITAS PVBLICA. Female figure standing to left; in the exergue T. On coins of Diocletian (Bronze AE 3, quin), Maximianus Hercules (in the exergue R. Bronze AE 3, quin), and Constantius I (bronze).

VTILITAS PVBLICA. Female figure standing to left, her hands wrapped in her robe; on coins of Galerius Maximian (Bronze AE 3, quin from Tanini), Severus II (Bronze AE 3, quin), and Maximinus II Daza (Bronze AE 3).

VTILITAS PVBLICA. Female figure, standing on a vessel, holding a ballance and a cornucopiae; to right, a helmeted soldier giving her his hand, and holding a globe surmounted by a Victory; at the side, a shield. Obverse: IMP CONSTANTIVS P F AVG, laureate bust of Constantine the Great to left, with the Imperial mantle, holding a sceptre srmounted by an eagle; bronze AE 3.

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