Latin: Urbis - City.

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VRB Urbanus. NERI Q VER, on silver coins of the Claudia, Cornelia, and Neria gentes, struck in 49 BC.

VRB Urbica. MON VRB, on the provicial tetradrachm struck by Philip I at Antiochia Syriae.

VRB Urbis.
- L PLANC PR VRB or L PLANC PRAEF VRB, on gold coins (aurei and quinarii) of Julius Caesar, struck in 46 BC.
- ANN DCCCLXXIIII NAT VRB P CIR CON, on gold and large brass medallion of Hadrian. This is the only coin giving a date from the foudation of Rome. The year 874 = AD 121. The explanation for the letter P is difficult, and has been variously interpreted as Plebeiis, Populi, or Primum. The whole legend is probably intended to record that Hadrian, in celebrating the 874th birthday of Rome by holding the Palilia, added for the first time to their simple games the spendid exhibitions of the circus.

INT VRB Introitus Urbis, on large brass and second brass coins of Gallienus, with the obverse legend GENIVS P R. These coins are generally attributed to the reign of Gallienus, but it is not known on what occasion they were struck. It may be they were issued in AD 263 after the seige of Byzantium.

Conservator urbis suae, on silver coins of Maxentius.

CONSERV VRB SVAE, on silver and second brass coins of Maximian Hercules, and on second brass coins of Maxentius and Constantine the Great.

CONSERVATORES VRB SVAE, on a gold coin of Maxentius.

S M VRB AVGG ET CAES NN Sacra Moneta Urbis Augustorum et Caesarum Nostorum, on second brass coins of Maximian Hercules and Constantius I.

SAC MON VRB AVGG ET CAESS NN, on second brass coins of Diocletian, Maximian Hercules, Constantius I, Maximinus II Daza, and Constantine the Great (rare).

SACRA MON VRB AVGG ET CAESS NN, on second brass coins of Diocletian, Maximian Hercules, Constantius I, and Galerius.

VRB Urbs.
- VRB VIC OSCA Urbs Victrix Ocas, on coins of Osca Hispaniae.
- Roma S (?), in the exergue, VRB, Roma seated to left before an altar, holding a patera and a spear. Obverse: IMP CAE L SEPT SEV PERT AVG COS II, head of Septimius Severus to right; silver medallion.

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