Latin abbreviation: Votis Decennalibus Multis Vicecennalibus - vows (prayers) on the tenth anniversary| [of the emperor's rule], more for his [hoped-for] twentieth anniversary|.


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VOT X MVLT XX (Votis Decennalibus Multis Vicennalibus) within a laurel wreath, on coins of:

- Licinius I: bronze AE3
- Julian II the Apostate: silver, various mint marks; bronze AE3
- Jovian: silver, T CONST in ex.
- Valentinian I: silver, various mint marks in ex.
- Valens: silver, various mint marks in ex; bronze AE3
- Gratian: silver, various mint marks in ex.; bronze AE3
- Valentinian II: silver; MD P S in ex.; gold; bronze AE3
- Theodosius I: silver, various mint marks in ex; bronze AE3
- Honorius: silver, CONS in ex.
- Arcadius; silver, CONS or MD P S in ex; bronze AE3, ANT D in ex.

- Valentinian III seated facing, holding a signal cloth (mappa) and a cross; RM or RV in the field; COMOB in exergue. Obv: D N PLA VALENTINIANVS P F AVG, diademed |bust| of Valentinian III left, with the imperial mantle, holding a signal cloth (Mappa).

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