Latin: Victoria Augustorum - to the Victory of the two emperors.


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VICTORIA AVGG (Augustorum):

- With various types on coins of Macrinus, Gordian I, Gordian II, Balbinus, Pupienus, Philip I, Philip II, Trebonianus Gallus, Volusian, Valerian I, Gallienus, Quietus, Tetricus I, Carus, Carinus, Numerian, Diocletian, Maximianus, Constantius I, Galerius, Constantine the Great, Constans, Constantius II, Magnentius, Decentius, Constantius Gallus, Julian II, Valentinian I, Valens, Gratian, Valentinian II, Theodosius I, Magnus Maximus, Eugenius, Honorius, Jovinus, Sebastian, Johannes, Valentinian III, Avitas, and Glycerius. The same legend and types occur of the coins of the Byzantine series down to the time of Heraclius AD 641.

- Four soldiers sacrificing at a tripod before the gate of a camp; in the exergue SIS (Sisca), and a star; on gold and silver coins of Diocletian and silver coins of Constantius I.

- Diocletian and Maximianus standing facing each other, shaking hands; between them Victory standing facing, placing her |hands| on their shoulders. Obv: IMP C C VAL DIOCLETIANVS P AVG (Imperator |Caesar| |Caius| Valerius Diocletianus Pius |Agusutus|), radiate |bust| of Diocletian to right with cuirass; bronze AE 3.

- Maximianus standing to right, holding a spear, and supporting, along with another figure standing, a small Victory. Obv: IMP C M A VAL MAXIMIANVS P AVG, radiate |bust| of Maximianus to right; bronze AE 3.

- Two emperors seated facing, holding a globe; between them generally a |palm|; above a Victory facing; in the exergue various mint marks; on gold coins of Valentinian I, Valens, Gratian, Valentinian III, Theodosius I, and Magnus Maximus. The mint mark on the coins of Magnus Maximus is sometimes AVGOB, and these were struck in London. For OB = 72 see Valentinian I and Talent.

- Military figure standing, holding a Victory and a spear. Obv: D N EVGENIVS P F AVG, diademed |bust| of Eugenius to right; bronze AE 3.

- Rome seated and holding a Victory or globe surmounted by a Victory and a spear; in the exergue various mint marks; on silver coins of Honorius, Jovinus, and Sebastian. In the exergue of the Sebastian are the leters KONT.

- Honorius in military dres standing facing, holding a standard, on which VOT X, and a |shield|, on which MVLT XX [VOT X MVLT XX], and placing his left foot on a captive; in the fields MD; in the exergue COMOB; on gold coins of Honorius, and bery similar type on coins of Jovinus.

- Glycerius standing facing, placing his right or left foot on a stool, and holding a cross and a globe surmaounted by a Victory; in the fields RV or MD; in the exergue COMOB. Obv: D N GLYCERIVS P F AVG, diademed |bust| of Glycerius to right; gold.

- Constans on horseback to left  preceeded by Victory. Obv: CONSTANS P F AVG, diademed |bust| of Constans to left; Ae bronze contorniate, rare.

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