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VICTOR OMNIVM GENTIVM.  The emperor laureated in military dress standing to l., holding a military standard and leaning on a shield; before him at his feet two captives kneeling; behind him a captive seated weeping; in the exergue P. TR. (Prima Treveris). TR. (Treveris), SMT (Signata Moneta Thessalonicae,) SMTSA (Signata Moneta Thessalonicae I,) or SMA (Signata Moneta Antiochiae,) on gold coins of Constantine I., (150 frcs.) Constantine II. (400 frcs.) Constans I (100 frcs.) and Constantius II. (50 frcs.)

VICTOR OMNIVM GENTIVM. Constantine I., in military dress standing to l., holding globe and spear and crowned by Victory behind him who holds a palm.  In the exergue SMT (Signata Moneta Thessalonicae,).  Obv. CONSTANTINVS P. F. AVG.  Head of Constantine I., to r. laureated. AV. (200 frcs.)

The letter T on coins that may be attributed to Thessalonica can be distinguished from those of Tarreao by their style and type.  The other mint letters of Thessalonica are TES. [theta]
ES., or TS.  The letters are always the initials of Treves.  The mint of Tarraco was the suggestion of the late M. de Salis, who gave to that town the coins whose fabric approaches most that of the mints of Italy.  The first pieces that were certainly struck there are those of Aurelian bearing the letters PXXT, SXXT, TXXT, QXXT, VXXT, VIXXT, Prima XX Tarraconis, Secunda XX Tarracoins, Tertia XX Tarraconis,  Quarta XX Tarraconis, Quinta XX Tarraconis, Sexta XX Tarraconis.  The usual exergual letters are P. T. Prima Tarraconis, S. T.  Secunda Tarracoins, T. T. Tertia Tarraconis, etc.  This series ceases about the time that that of Arles commences, and it is robable that Constantine transferred the monetary establishment of Tarraco to his new capital.  (Madden Handbook of Rom. Num., p. 160; Num. Chron., N.S., 1862, vol. ii. pp, 243.)

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