Latin Abbreviation: Victoria Germanica - Victory over the Germans.


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VICT. GERM. (Victoria Germania) IMP. VI. COS. III. (Victory in a quadriga l., looking to r. Obv. M. ANTONINVS AVG. TR. P. XXVII. or XXVIII. Bust of M. Aurelius to r., laureate. AE Med. (250 to 350 frcs.)

VICT. GERM. [or GERMA.] (Victoria Germanica) IMP. VI. COS. III. S.C., within a laurel crown. Obv. M. ANTONINVS AVG. TR. P. XXVII. Head or bust of M. Aurelius to r., AE. I (15 frcs) AE II. (6 to 9 frcs)

VICT. GERM. (Victoria Germanica - in exergue), IMP. VI. COS. III. (around) Victory in a quadriga to l., her hand placed on eagle before her.  Obv. IMP M. ANTONINVS AVG. COS. III. IMP. L. VERVS AVG. COS. II. Busts of Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus. AE. Med. from Borghesi (Cohen, Med. Imp., 2nd ed., vol. iii., p. 129) This medallion is hybrid.  The dates on obverse and reverse do not coincide.

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