Latin: Venus who brings luck or fortune.


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- Diademed Venus seated to left, holding a small Victory, who holds a sceptre or a diadem and a sceptre. Obv: |Bust| of Faustina Junior to right; silver and AE bronze medallion. On bronze AE 1 and AE 2 Venus holds a child and a sceptre, and the obverse legend is sometimes DIVA FAVSTINA PIA.
Varieties of this type occur on coins of Crispina:
-- Under seat of Venus a dove; gold, silver without a dove. Bronze AE 1 and AE 2.
Of Aquillia Severa:
-- In the left field a star; silver.
Of Julia Mamaea:
-- Venus holding a statuette and a sceptre; bronze AE 1 and AE 2. Also Solonia in gold.

- Venus standing to left, holding an apple, or an apple and a sceptre. Obv: IVLIA AVGVSTA, |bust| of Julia Domna to right; silver and bronze AE 1 and AE 2.
Varieties of this type occur on coins of Plautilla, silver; Gallienus, billon; Salonia: Venus holding sceptre and child, billon; Severina, bronze AE 3.

- Venus seated to left holding a globe and a palm, in the ex. TR. Obv: FAVSTAE NOBILISSIMAE FEMINAE, |bust| of Faustina Senior to left; silver.

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