VNBIQVE VICTORES - legend which translates "Victorious everywhere."  Victores is plural and refers to the two Emperors.

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VBIQUE VICTORES. The Emperor in military dress standing to r., holding a spear and a globe, at his feet on each side a captive deated; in the exergue, P. TR. (Prima Treveris); on gold coins of Maximinus II. Daza (200 francs); Licinius I. (200 francs); Comnstantine I. (in exergue P.R. or TR. 100 francs)  Quin. 100 francs.) Crispus (in exergue TR. Tremissis 500 frcs.) and Constantine II (in exergue SMTS medallion 500 francs; in exergue TR. 200 francs.)

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