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Singara (now Sengiar), a city of Mesopotamia, appears to have been a Roman colony, from coins inscribed to Severus Alexander and Gordian III, with Greek legends, in which it is is called Aurelia Septimia Colonia Singara

Vaillant, who gives a specimen of her colonial mint under each of the above-named emperors, inclines however to the opinion that Singara owed its first foundation as a colony to Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus rather than to Severus Alexander. 

Its sole type is a female head, turreted and veiled Tyche (the common symbol of the Mesopotamian cities); above the head is placed a centaur (Sagittarius), with bow in his right hand; allusive either to the surpassing skill of the Singarenes in archery, or more probably to the computation of their year in commencing under that zodiacal sign. 

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