Savio (Dattari-Savio, DS)

Savio, A. ed. Catalogo completo della collezione Dattari Numi Augg. Alexandrini. (Trieste, 2007).

The second edition of Savio's work, Trieste 2007, edition of 250 numbered copies, is definitely preferable.

1. It contains 31 new plates that have turned up, showing 701 Alexandrian coins that Dattari evidently acquired after making the rubbings of his coins that are published in the first edition.  The 31 plates are entirely new and show specimens not shown on the original pl. 1-327.  Most of the new coins are type duplicates of those on pl. 1-327, but there are also some new types and dates.  These 701 coins are also summarily cataloged, for example:  "195. Adriano 53/Artemis stante, dracma, anno 19, =K.1163" (K=Geissen, Cologne Cat).  It's a mystery to me why they didn't always refer primarily to Dattari's own collection, this piece for example being a legend-division variant of Dattari 1615, pl. 75.  I think the images are somewhat clearer than on pl. 1-327.

2. It includes an English translation of Savio's Italian introduction, which has itself been expanded to include an account of how Dattari's daughter offered to donate her father's entire collection of Alexandrian coins to the Italian state in July 1951, but the Italians procrastinated in completing the paperwork and the offer was withdrawn after the Egyptian army seized power and forced King Farouk into exile in July 1952.  The chance to keep this astounding collection together in one place was thereby lost, and the collection was dispersed on the European market around 1970!

3. The new edition is printed on better paper and is more soundly bound so will probably last better.  A minor quibble: plates 1-327 in the new edition, containing the first set of rubbings of the collection as published in 1999, are not quite tall enough, with the result that many of them cut off small portions of the uppermost or lowest row of coins.