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     SARM. Sarmatico, on a coin of Commodus.
     SARM. (DE). This appears, with the type
of a heap of armour, on gold, silver, and brass
coins of M. Aurelius, who in his thirty-first
tribunitian power and third consulship (viz., A.D.
177) triumphed over the Germans and SarmatŠ,
and in the following year these coins, with a
representation of the arms of those warlike
tribes engraved for a trophy on their reverse,
were struck in remembrance of the event. -- In
the year v.c. 932 (A.D. 179), another revolt
having taken place on the part of these trans- Danubian nations against the Roman power,
Aurelius, who had gone forth on this second
northern expedition a year before, conquered the
Marcomanni, the Hermunduri, the Quadi, and
the SarmatŠ in a bloody battle, and for that
victory was called Imperator X. -- The next year,
engaged in an almost internecine contest against
the same obstinate enemies of the empire, he died of disease, at Vindobona, in Pannonia (Vienna) at the age of 50.

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