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REX PARTHIS DATVS—This superb legend, of which those of Antoninus and of Verus, as to the Armenian kings are to be regarded in the light of imitations, appears on the reverse of a first brass [Sestertius] of Trajan; and together with the REGNA ADSIGNATA of the same reign, already noticed in its alphabetical order, refers to events that must have been in the highest degree flattering to the Roman pride and ambition. Towards the close of his reign, this illustrious Prince, having conquered the Parthians and dethroned Chosroes, their king, imposed a new sovereign upon them, and the scene of this important transaction is represented with consummate tact on the present medal. We see here the personification of Parthia,

kneeling before the emperor, as if soliciting a king at his |hands|. Trajan, who is seated on a suggestum, attended by the commander of the Praetorian guards, complies with the request, by giving her one, whom he points to with his hand. The fact is attested by the words of the inscription- A king given to the Parthians.

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