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R XL ROMA (Remissa Quadragesima. The fortieth abolished or remitted to the people). - On a first brass of Galba we see helmeted Rome with paludamentum, standing with right hand extended, on which stands a female figure, holding a branch or garland in the right hand and cornucopiae in the left. The left arm of the Genius of Rome rests on a coat of mail, and holds a caduceus, or in some a legionary eagle; she sets her left foot on a helmet, and before her right foot is a shield.

All writers agree in characterising Galba as unseasonably penurious. Nevertheless, that there was an interval, in which he indulged in some liberal acts, and doubtless at his accession to the empire, for the sake of winning favour from the public, is proved by those medals, which predicate a benefit to the public in no small sum of quadragesima remissa; to which is to be added the testimony of Suetonius, who states that Vespasian renewed the taxes remitted under Galba. - (omissa sub Galba vectigalia revocasse). - See QVDRAGENSVMA REMISSAE.

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