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Pegasus, the celebrated winged horse, sprung from the blood of Medusa.  Flying to Helicon he struck the earth with his hoof, and cause the fountain of Hippocrene to flow.  Bellerophon afterwards rode him in his combat with the Chimaera.

Pegasus, either alone or with his rider Bellerophon, who is sometimes fighting with a a lion, or the Chimaera, at other times performing the part of breaker to this winged horse, appears on the Latin coins of Corinth, with the inscriptions CORINTHVS or COL L IVL COR, or it is found with the words AVG and FLAV added, namely, COLonia Laus IVLia AVGusta FLAVia CORinthus.  See Corinthus Colonia

Pegasus was a symbol of Apollo because he gave rise to the Heliconian fountain, sacred to the nine muses, over whom the God of Poetry and Song presided. Pegasus appear on the coins of Valerian and Gallienus with the inscriptions APOLLINI CONS AVG, SOLI CONS AVG and ALACRITAITI. 

Pegasus, sometimes flying, at other times walking, occurs on coins of the Republic and coins of Augustus, Claudius, Nero, Domitian, Trajan, Hadrian, L. Verus, Commodus, and Septimius Severus. 

Pegasus flying with Faustina senior on his back appears on a consecration medallion in brass struck in honor of that Empress, under her husband Antoninus Pius. 

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