Latin Abbreviation: Pietas Augusti Nostri - Piety of our Emperor.


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    PIETAS AVG. N.----A woman in a robe standing, holds out a globe in her right hand: a boy at her feet. On silver of Otacilia Severa.----The boy who stands before the figure, evidently intended to represent the Empress, is her son Philip, and the coin was designed to proclaim her maternal piety in educating him for the empire. Otacilia here holds out to him a globe, the symbol of Imperial power, for the infant prince had already been declared Caesar by his father, and young Philip uplifts his own little right hand as if to clutch the proffered gift----splendid delusion; for such after the Tribunitian power and title of Imperator were conferred upon him and stamped on his coins, at the premature age of 12, whose hands were reeking with his father's blood.

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