Nicomedia, Bithynia (Izmit, Turkey)

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Nicomedia, a city of Bithynia (in Asia Minor, on the Black Sea).  It is described by ancient writers as a place of superior size and magnificence, ranking next to Rome, Alexandria, and Antioch in the splendor and beauty of its buildings; and was one which Diocletian studied to make the equal of Rome itself.  But notwithstanding the great consequence of Nicomedia among the provincial cities of the empire, and though its Greek medals present a numerous and almost uninterrupted series from Augustus down to the age of Gallienus, there appears to be no coin, with Latin inscription, which refers to Nicomedia, except the Restitutori of Hadrian; and that was evidently not truck in Asia, but is of a Roman die. -- Eckhel gives and describes it from the imperial Museum at Vienna, but Mionnett does not include it in his catalogue. 

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