A neocorate was a rank or dignity granted by the Roman Senate and the Roman Emperor to certain cities which had built temples to the Emperor or had established cults of members of the Imperial family. The city itself was referred to as neokoros (pl. neokoroi). A temple dedicated to the emperor was also called neocorate. These titles came from the Greek word νεωκόρος, literally a temple-sweeper (νεώς, temple, κορεῖν, to sweep), and was also used for a temple attendant and for a priestly holder of high rank who was in charge of a temple. Starting in the 2nd century A.D., the title appeared on many coins. The term was first used as a title for a city for Ephesus and its Temple of the Sebastoi. There were approximately 37 cities holding the neocorate, concentrated in the province of Asia, but also in neighboring provinces.

List of Neokoroi

Koinon of Asia
Pergamon, Mysia (Augustus)
Smyrna, Ionia (Tiberius)
Miletos, Ionia (Caligula)
Ephesos, Ionia (Nero)
Kyzikos, Mysia (Hadrian)
Sardis, Lydia (Antoninus Pius)
Aizanoi, Phrygia (Commodus)
Laodikeia, Phrygia (Commodus)
Philadelphia, Lydia (Caracalla)
Tralles, Lydia (Caracalla)
Antandros, Troas (Caracalla)
Hierapolis, Phrygia (Elagabalus)
Magnesia, Ionia (Severus Alexander)
Synnada, Phrygia (Tetrarchy)

Koinon of Bithynia
Nikomedia (Augustus)
Nikaia (Hadrian)

Koinon of Galatia
Ankyra (Augustus)

Cities of Pamphylia
Perga (Vespasian)
Side (Valerian)
Aspendos (Gallienus)

Koinon of Macedonia
Beroia (Nerva)
Thessalonike (Gordian III)

Koinon of Pontus
Neokaisareia, Pontus Polemoniacus (Trajan)
Amaseia, Pontus Galaticus (Marcus Aurelius)

Koinon of Cilicia
Tarsos (Hadrian)
Anazarbos (Septimius Severus)
Aigeai (Severus Alexander)

Koinon of Armenia
Nikopolis (Hadrian?)

Koinon of Thrace
Perinthos (Septimius Severus)
Philippopolis (Elagabalus)

Koinon of Cappadocia
Kaisareia (Septimius Severus)

Koinon of Phoenicia
Tripolis? (Elagabalus)

Koinon/Ethnos of Lycia
Patara (third century?)
Akalissos (third century?)

Koinon of the Cities of (West-Central) Pontus
Herakleia (Philip)

Syria Palaestina / Samaria
Neapolis (Philip)

Sagalassos (Tetrarchy)

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