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MVSSIDIA, a family little known, except on the coins of Rome struck during the latest days of her Republic. It's surname is Longus.

The silver are rare. There are pieces of this family, in gold and silver, struck by the moneyers of Julius Caesar and of the triumvirate (Antony, Lepidus, Octavius). The brass coins of the Mussidia family are by the moneyers of Augustus, and are common.

Among twenty varieties given in Morell, there is a denarius of this family, bearing on one side either  a portrait of Julius Caesar, or the radiated head of the Sun, or the head of Concordia; and, on the reverse, a representation of the Comitium, in which is seen a distributer (diribitor) of voting tablets, and a citizen giving his suffrage. On the base of the comitium is inscribed CLOACIN, and above it is read L. MVSSIDIVS LONGVS. See Cloacina, and Comitium.

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