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MELICERTA or Melicertes, called by the Latins Portumnus, and by the Corinthians Palaemon, was the son of Athamus, King of thebes, and of Ino. It was with Melicerta that Ino is said to have cast herself into the sea, from the summit of the Moluris rock, to avoid the persecutions of Athamas. <Melicerta then became a marine deity, and was worshipped under the name of Palaemon. Sisyphus instituted the Isthmian games to his honor. He was regarded as the god who came to the succour of the shipwrecked. The Romans have confounded Palaemon with their tutelary divinity of the sea-ports, Portumnus.- See Corinthus Colonia for the following types:-

Melicerta is represented on a first brass struck at Corinth under Domitian. Ino presents him as a child to Neptune, who is seated on a rock by the sea-side; a dolphin is at his feet; above we read PERM: IMP: (by

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