Magnia |Urbica|, Augusta middle 283 - middle 285 A.D.

Wife of Carinus, who reigned A.D. 283-285.  Mother of Nigrinian.  Magnia |Urbica| is known only from her coins and few inscriptions.  Her coins are very rare.

Obverse Legends


Rarity of Denominations, Average Weights of Well Preserved Coins, Mints, and Other Information

Gold aureus R8  For Carinus average weight varies by mint from 4.47 grams to 4.60 grams, with Antioch averaging 4.99 grams.1
Brass medallion R6
Bronze antoninianus R3  For Carinus average weight 3.75 grams and 5% silver.1
Bronze denarius R6
Bronze quinarius R6

Note: The rarity scale here includes three main ratings from C (common), to S (scarce), to R (rare). Within each rating numbers from 1-10 are may be used to indicate increasing degrees of rarity with 1 the most common and 10 the least common.

1. Luis C. West, Gold and Silver Standards in the Roman Empire, Numismatic Notes and Monographs, #94, ANS, NY, 1941.


Imperial: Lugdunum, Rome, Ticinum, Siscia

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MAGNIA |URBICA| whose coins in every metal are extremely rare...

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This DRC entry is out of date
A unique coin, now in the British Museum, proves that she was one of the wives of Carinus, AD 282-285 (Madden, Handbook of Rom. Num., 1861, p. 166, plate iii., No.2.2)

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