Latin: Liberty restored.


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LIBERTAS RESTITVTA S C - The restoration of liberty is for the first time typified on a first brass of Galba, by a group representing that emperor standing in the toga, and raising up

a kneeling female figure, whilst a soldier stands behind him, allusive to the freedom of the Roman people rescued from destruction by the death of Nero, and the accession of Galba. This coin of Galba evidently formed the prototype form which Hadrian afterwards took his types in reference to restored provinces.

On a first brass of Hadrian, with the same legend, we see the emperor seated on an estrade, below which stands a woman, who offers in her left hand a child to the emperor. Eckhel expresses himself at a loss to know what this type signifies, unless it be to what Spartianus mentions: Liberis proscriptorum duodecimas bonorum concessit.

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