Latin Abbreviation: Herculi Deusoniensi - to Hercules of Deuson.


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HERC DEVONIENSI - Hercules, with the club in his right hand and the lion's skin on his left arm stands in a temple of four columns. On a denarius in billon of Postumus, whence cut N. 1 is engraved. On another billion coin, engraved in Banduri, Hercules stands (not within a temple), but with the usual attributes of club and lion's skin.

This appellation was given to Hercules from a place where he was worshiped, though it is not yet sufficiently ascertained where Deuso or Deuson was situated. Tristan, following other writers, considered it not improbable that this place was the same as that from which Hieronymus thus speaks in the Chronicon of Eusbius - "The Saxons were slaughtered at Deuso in the district of the Franci." Tristan conjectures that Denso my possibly have been what is now called Duyz, on the Rhine, opposite to Colonia Agrippinae (Cologne). If resemblance of the name be the object, it is not necessary to look for the site of Deuso, on the other side of the Rhine, for there are on this bank at the present day several towns called Duisburg, with may have derived their name from Deuso. It is the opinion of the authors of work titled La Religion des Gaulois, b. ii. ch. 8, that this Hercules was identical with the Hercules Magusanus mentioned below.

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