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Flavia, gens plebeia, has but the following coin (with three unimportant varieties), which is common:

C FLAV HEMIC LEG PRO PR, head of Apollo, before it a lyre. Reverse, Q C BRVT IMP, Victory on foot, crowning with her right hand a trophy,and holding in her left hand a palm branch resting on her shoulder.
The letters HEMIC at the bottom of this denarius are an abbreviation not as yet satisfactorily explained.


Flavia, the legion which was raised by Vespasian received this appellation in allusion to the family name of the emperor. It is inscribed on a silver coin of Gallienus, in the epigraph LEG III FL VI F with the type of a lion. On a gold coin of Victorinus Senior this legion is symbolized by the type of two lions and a helmeted head. The inscription LEG IIII FLAVIA P F. 

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