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Copia, colonia; an opulent town of Magna Graecia, originally called Sybaris, afterwards Thurium, and lastly by the Romans Copia (now Sibari Rovinata, Southern Italy).

Of this place, under the name of Sybaris and Thurium, there are autonomous small brass coins of considerable rarity (according to Mionnet and Hennin), with the legends COPIA and LCC COPIA, and the types of Minerva, Herculaes, and Mercury; but none to indicate that it was a colony under the emperors.

[Edit: Thourioi was renamed Copia in 194 BC, when it became a Roman colony.
194-189 BC:
- AE Semis: Veiled head of City-goddess right, S behind / L C Q COPIA, cornucopiae
- AE quadrans: Head of young Herakles right, in lion 's skin, three pellets behind / Q L C COPIA, cornucopiae; three pellets to left.]

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