Bateson (Hunter Byzantine)

Bateson, J. and I. G. Campbell. Byzantine and Early Medieval Western European Coins in the Hunter Coin Cabinet. (Glasgow, 1998).

725 specimens are described, consisting of 569 Byzantine coins and 156 Early Medieval Western European coins, two thirds of which are Ostrogothic and Merovingian issues. As with the Roman imperial series, the Hunterian collection is strong in gold issues of Byzantium. Many of these formed part of the Joseph de France Collection acquired by Hunter in Vienna in 1782. Again the volume contains a number of rare, unpublished, and unique specimens. All the Early Medieval Western European coins are illustrated as well as the Byzantine gold and silver issues, along with a selection of the Byzantine bronze. A majority of the work mentioned in this book are William Hunter 's own coins, but also included are a small number from the late nineteenth century Coats Collection as well as miscellaneous donations made to the University of Glasgow since 1807 when the Hunterian Museum was founded.