B-D LPC (Bendall-Donald, Bendall-Donald LPC, B-D LPC, Bendall LPC, LPC)

Bendall, S. & P.J. Donald. The Later Palaeologan Coinage. (London, 1979).

Paperback, 271 pages with excellent enlarged line drawings running parallel with the text. Each coin is illustrated. A standard reference for the late coinage of Palaeologan Dynasty. An easy-to-use guide to the attribution of these difficult issues. The book covers the coinage of Constantinople and Thessalonica mints during the reigns of Andronicus II, John V, John VI, John VII, John VIII, Manuel II, Constantine XI, and Anna of Savoy. Politikon coinage and anonymous coinage are also included.

ISBN-13: 9780906919026
ISBN-10: 0906919029