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In 328 Arelatum (Arelate) was renamed Constantina in honor of Constantine II. After Constantine II was killed in 340, the name reverted to Arelatum, only to be changed again in 354 to Constantina by Constantius II. It retained that name, although the mintmark 'AR ' appeared on some of its coins even in the fifth century.  Roman mint dates of operation: 313 - 475 A.D. Mintmarks: A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON, KONSTAN.


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ARELATE, a city in Gallia Narbonesis, now called Arles, and to this day a considerable town in Provence, being the See of an Archbishopric. Ansonius calls it Gallula Roma.

Pande duplex, Arelate, tuos blanda hospita Portus Gallula Roma --- ---  [Open wide, Arelate, thy ports with friendly welcome, thou little Gallicised Rome.]

It is one of the six cities, to which the right of coining money was conceded, in the lower empire; whence coins of Constantine and others have for their mint-mark ARL. P. Arelatensium Prima, &c.--See Pitiscus and Rasche, who call Arelate a Roman colony; it is, how-ever, not included, as such, in the respective catalogs of Eckhel or Mionnet.

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