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Agrippina sestertius struck under Gaius Caligula-  Joe Geranio

Agrippina Senior. Wife of Germanicus, AD 5-33. Sestertius (36mm, 24.84 g, 7h). Rome mint. Struck under Gaius (Caligula), AD 37-41. Draped bust right / Two mules drawing ornamented carpentum left. RIC I 55 (Gaius).



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AGRIPPINA, &c. Same legend as preceding. The type of the obverse exhibits the heads of Agrippina and Nero, face to face. The reverse is NERONI CLAVD. DIVI F. CAES. AVG. GERM. IMP. TR. P. The letters EX. S.C. within an oaken garland. See Caylus ' plates of Roman Gold coins, in the Cabinet de France, fig. 102.

Of this coin, minted at Rome, in gold and silver, Agrippina occupies the most distinguished place, namely the obverse side. She styles herself (by implication) the wife of Claudius, and, in direct terms, the mother of Nero; as though the government of the empire had been in her hands, and her son only Caesar. It is on this account that Tacitus (Ann. 23), asks -- What help is there in him, who is governed by a woman? It is not to be wondered at therefore, adds Vaillant, if the oaken garland was decreed to this woman and to her son, as it had already been to Caligula and to Claudius, ob cives servatos, by the Senate, whom she assembled in the palace, where she sat discreetly veiled. Praest. Num. Impp. ii. 60.

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