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AEGYPTVS: Egypt. - Augustus, having taken posession of Alexandria, the capital city of the Delta, in the 724th year of Rome (B. C. 30), formed the whole country into a Roman province, and entrusted the government to some individual member of the equestrian order; prohibiting all senators from going to Egypt, without special permission. Egypt is distinguished on coins by the crocodile, the sistrum, the ibis, the lotus, and ears of corn, The Nile, Jupiter, the Sun, the Moon, Apis, Osiris, Isis, Serapis, as objects of worship with the Egyptians, are also amongst the numismatic recognitions of that country. Egypt received no colony, after Julius Caesar's time; but, as a province, was governed by an imperial prefect (praefectus augustalis) to whom, however, the privilege of the fasces was not assigned.

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