Adoption Self-assumed

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Adoption self-assumed.
There is exhibited on first and second brass coins of Sept. Severus an evidence of that Emperor 's adoption of himself into the family of M. Aurelius; the legend of the reverse reading DIVI. M. PII. F. &c.???. and the type representing Severus, in the imperial paludamentum, crowned by a helmeted figure holding a club in the left hand. This preposterous and unprecedented assumption, of which nearly all the old writers take notice, is thus numismatically confirmed. It was after so unwarrantable a use of the adoptive process, that the above named emperor proceeded to trace his descent, in an uninterrupted line from Nerva, as is attested by many inscriptions on marble, more diffuse than those on coins - see Gruter, quoted by Eckhel vii., p. 173. See also DIVI. M. PII. F.

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