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Acilia gens. - The Acilii had for their surnames Aviola, Balbus and Glabrio; the two first of whom would appear certainly to have been plebeian. But, says the author of Doctrina, with respect to the last name, we find Herodianus, in allusion to the Glabrio of his time, recording him as "omnium patriciorum nobilissimum;" as being one who derived his ancestral origin from Aeneas, son of Venus and Anchises. And Ausonius favours the same popular opinion: -
Stemmate nobilium deductum nomen avorum, Glabrio Aquilini, Dardana progenies.
[Ecl. vi. 63.]
There are 18 varieties in the coins of this family, Silver common. The copper pieces are the As; or parts of the As; and are more or less rare. For the remarkable denarius, having on its obverse SALVTIS, and a female laureated head - on its reverse NV. ACILIVS, IIIVIR. VALETV., and a woman standing, with serpent held in her right hand, her left elbow resting on a small column.- See SALUS and VALETVDO, in Ursinus, Fam. Rom. Numis. p.3.

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