Achaemenid Persian Empire, 550 330 BC

List of Kings


Throne Name



Family Relations


Cyrus the Great

600530 BC

559530 BC

Son of Cambyses I king of Anshan and Mandana daughter of Astyages

King of Anshan from 559 BC. Killed in battle with Massagetes


?521 BC

530522 BC

Son of Cyrus the Great

Died while en route to put down a rebellion.


?522 BC

522522 BC

Son of Cyrus the Great (possibly an imposter claiming to be Bardiya)

Killed by Persian aristocrats

Darius I

550486 BC

522486 BC

Son of Hystaspes


Xerxes I

519465 BC

485465 BC

Son of Darius I


Artaxerxes I

?424 BC

465424 BC

Son of Xerxes I


Xerxes II

?424 BC

424424 BC

Son of Artaxerxes I

Only recognized in Persia itself, killed by Sogdianus


?423 BC

424423 BC

Son of Artaxerxes I

Only recognized in Persia and Elam, killed by Darius II

Darius II

?404 BC

424404 BC

Son of Artaxerxes I


Artaxerxes II

436358 BC

404358 BC

Son of Darius II


Artaxerxes III

?338 BC

358338 BC

Son of Artaxerxes II


Artaxerxes IV

?336 BC

338336 BC

Son of Artaxerxes III


Darius III

380330 BC

336330 BC

Son of Artaxerxes IV

Killed by Artaxerxes V

Artaxerxes V

?329 BC

330329 BC

Probably a descendant of Artaxerxes II

Killed by Alexander III