Latin abbreviation: Augusti Nostri - of our emperor.

Latin abbreviation: Augusti Nepos - grandson (or great grandson) of Augustus.

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    AVG. N. Augusti Nepos. Grandson of Augustus.--e.g. GERMANICVS CAESAR TI. P. DIVI. AVG. N.----(Germanicus Caesar Tiberii Augusti Filius, Divi Augusti Nepos.).

    AVG. N.  Augusti Nepos.----Great grandchild of Augustus, as in Caius Caligula.   C. CAESAR DIVI. AVG. PRON. AVG.

    AVG. N.   Augusti Nostri.----Of our Emperor.---See Abundantia AVG. N.----FELIX ADVENTVS AVG. N. etc.

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