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    AETERNITAS AVGG.----Apollo, or the Sun in a quadriga, elevating the right hand towards a globe, which appears in the air, and holding in the left a scepter or a whip.----[This legend and type are exhibited on a large brass of Tetricus II, a facsimile engraving of which is published by the author of Lecons de Numsmatique Romaine, from that excellent writer 's own collection. It is not noticed by, and most probably was not known, at the time, to Mionnet.----See Tetricus II.

    AETERNITAS AVGG. (Aeternitas Augustorum).----On silver and first brass of Philip I, the reverse presents a caparisoned elephant, with a naked rider, who holds a goad in his right hand, and sits on the animal 's back. (For an engraving of the silver type see PHILIPPVS AVG).

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