Latin abbreviation: Aeternitas Augustorum - [Dedicated to the] eternity of the emperor.


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AETERNITAS AVG. - AVGVST. - AVGVSTI. - AVGVSTA. - AVGVSTAE. - AVGG. - AVGVSTORVM. - (The Eternity of the Emperor, of the Empress, or the Emperors. - When any of these inscriptions are combined with the title of the reigning prince, or with that of the wife, son, or other branch of the imperial family, the accompanying types represent, amongst other devices, sometimes a female veiled, seated on a stag, and holding a torch in her left hand, as on a brass medaillon of Faustina, junior; sometimes a crescent and seven stars, as on gold of Pescennius Niger; sometimes an equestrian statue, as on first brass of Gordianus Pius; or an elephant, with driver on its back, as on silver and first brass of Philip, senior, and on brass of Val. Maximianus. Three radiated heads, the centre full-faced, accompany the same legend on gold of Postumus. - A temple with image in the adytum; or or a woman resting one arm on a column, and holding a globe in the other hand, as on first brass of Faustina senior. Two hands joined, on billon of Gallienus. - A thensa, with the Empress 's statue on it, drawn by two elephants, as in first brass of Faustia, the elder. - A female stands holding a globe, surmounted by a phoenix, on silber medaillon of Trebonianus Gallus, and 1st brass of Aemilianus, and 2nd brass of Carinus. - The sun, with right hand raised, and holding a globe in the left, on small brass of Valerianus. - Romulus and Remus, suckled by the wolf, allusive to the eternity of Rome, on billon of Gallienus, and on second brass of Maxentius. The Emperor crowned by Victory, on second brass of Tacitus. &c. &c.

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