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Aes Grave
Aes Rude
The Age of Gallienus
Alexander Tetradrachms
Ancient Coin Collecting 101
Ancient Coin Prices 101
Ancient Coin Dates
Ancient Coin Lesson Plans
Ancient Coins & Modern Fakes
Ancient Counterfeits
Ancient Glass
Ancient Oil Lamps
Ancient Weapons
Ancient Wages and Prices
Ancient Weights and Scales
Anonymous Folles
Anonymous Follis
Anonymous Class A Folles
Antioch Officinae
Armenian Numismatics Page
Byzantine Denominations
A Cabinet of Greek Coins
Caesarean and Actian Eras
Campgates of Constantine
A Case of Counterfeits
Byzantine Christian Themes
Clashed Dies
Coins of Pontius Pilate
Conditions of Manufacture
Corinth Coins and Cults
Countermarked in Late Antiquity
Danubian Celts
Damnatio Coinage
Damnatio Memoriae
Denarii of Otho
Diameter 101
Die Alignment 101
Dictionary of Roman Coins
Doug Smith's Ancient Coins
Edict on Prices
ERIC - Rarity Tables
Etruscan Alphabet
The Evolving Ancient Coin Market
Facing Portrait of Augustus
Fel Temp Reparatio
Fertility Pregnancy and Childbirth
Friend or Foe
The Gallic Empire
Gallienus Zoo
Greek Alphabet
Greek Dates
Greek Coin Denominations
Greek Mythology Link
Greek Numismatic Dictionary
Hellenistic Names & their Meanings
Hasmonean Dynasty
Helvetica's ID Help Page
Historia Numorum
Horse Harnesses
Identifying Ancient Metal Arrowheads
Illustrated Ancient Coin Glossary
Islamic Rulers and Dynasties
Kushan Coins
People in the Bible Who Issued Coins
Imperial Mints of Philip the Arab
Later Roman Coinage
Latin Plurals
Latin Pronunciation
Library of Ancient Coinage
Life in Ancient Rome
List of Kings of Judea
Malloy Weapons
Maps of the Ancient World
Military Belts
Mint Marks
Museum Collections Available Online
Nabataean Alphabet
Nabataean Numerals
Not in RIC
Numismatic Bulgarian
Numismatic Excellence Award
Numismatic French
Numismatic German
Numismatic Italian
Numismatic Spanish
Parthian Coins
Patina 101
Paleo-Hebrew Alphabet
Phoenician Alphabet
Pi-Style Athens Tetradrachms
Pricing and Grading Roman Coins
Reading Judean Coins
Representations of Alexander the Great
Roman Coin Attribution 101
Roman Militaria
Roman Mints
Roman Names
Rome and China
Serdi Celts
The Sign that Changed the World
Silver Content of Parthian Drachms
Star of Bethlehem Coins
Statuary Coins
Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum
Syracusian Folles
Taras Drachms with Owl Left
The Temple Tax Hoard
Travels of Paul
Tribute Penny
Tribute Penny Debate Continued (2015)
Tribute Penny Debate Revisited (2006)
Tyrian Shekels
Uncleaned Ancient Coins 101
Venus Cloacina
What I Like About Ancient Coins
Who was Trajan Decius
Widow's Mite

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1. J.N.D.A.
2. Jacobs-Vermeule
3. Jaeger
4. Jafar
5. James
6. Jameson
7. Janus
8. Janus Bifrons
9. Janus Quadrifrons
10. Japanese Coins
11. Jar
12. Jaschke-Maercker
13. Jayadharasa
14. Jayamtasa
15. JdAI
16. JEA
17. Jekov Dionysopolis
18. Jem Sultan
19. Jenkings
20. Jenkins
21. Jenkins AGC
22. Jenkins and Lewis
23. Jenkins Coinages
24. Jenkins Early
25. Jenkins Electrum
26. Jenkins Gela
27. Jenkins Greek
28. Jenkins Himera
29. Jenkins Punic
30. Jenkins Rhodian
31. Jenkins Sicily
32. Jenkins Some
33. Jenkins-Lewis
34. Jerash
35. Jerusalem cross
37. Jesse
38. Jesse Brunswick
39. Jesse Wendish
40. Jessop
41. Jewelry
42. Jha-Rajgor
43. JHS
44. JIAN
45. Jim Phelps
46. JNDA
47. JNG
48. JÖAI
49. Jobst
50. Johannes
51. Johnson-Martini
52. Johnston
53. Johnston Aphrodisias
54. Johnston Bronze
55. Johnston Denominations
56. Johnston Greek
57. Johnston Hierapolis
58. Johnston Map
59. Johnston Metapontum
60. Johnston Sardis
61. Jones
62. Jones Acquisitions
63. Jones Art
64. Jones BMC
65. Jones Contemporary
66. Jones French Revolution
67. Jones Japan
68. Jones Kanei
69. Jones Sun King
70. Jones WWI
71. Jones-Sugden
72. Jongkees
73. Jonsson
74. Jordanov
75. Jordanov-Zhekova
76. Jorgensen
77. Joseph Erbach
78. Joseph Leiningen
79. Joseph Salm
80. Joseph Solms
81. Joseph Worms
82. Joseph-Fellner
83. Josifovski
84. Josifovski Stobi
85. Journal International d’Archéologie Numismatique
86. Jovanovic
87. Jove
88. Jovian
89. Jovinus
90. JRS
91. Juba I
92. Juba II
93. Juba II and Cleopatra Selene
94. Judaea
95. Judaicus
96. Jug
97. Jugate
98. Jugurtha
99. Julia
100. Julia (Traducta)
101. Julia Augusta
102. Julia Domna
103. Julia Maesa
104. Julia Mamaea
105. Julia Paula
106. Julia Soaemias
107. Julia the Elder
108. Julia Titi
109. Julian II
110. Julian II the Apostate
111. Julian of Pannonia
112. Julio Claudian
113. Julio Claudian Family Tree
114. Julio Claudian Gold Quinarii
115. Julio Claudian Polychromy
116. Julio Claudian Portraiture Ravenna Relief
117. Julio Claudian Statues
118. Julio-Claudian Portraiture
119. Juliopolis
120. Julius Caesar
121. Jungfleisch
122. Jungk
123. Junia
124. Juno
125. Juno Lanuvina
126. Juno Lucina
127. Juno Martialis
128. Juno Moneta
129. Juno Regina
130. Juno Sospita
131. Jupiter
132. Jupiter Axur
133. Jupiter Capitolinus
134. Jupiter Feretrius
135. Juppiter
136. Jürging Beiträge
137. Jurukova
138. Jurukova Bizye
139. Jurukova Deultum
140. Justinianus I
141. Justinus I
142. Justinus II
143. Justitia