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Vienna, now Vienne, a city of the Allobroges in Gallia Narbonensis. It was a flourishing town under the empire, and a Colonia, and many remains attest its ancient splendor. The following coin belongs to this city: Obv. DIVI IVLI CAESAR DIVI F IMP, bare heads of Julius Caesar and Augustus back to back. Rev. C I V |Colonia| |Julia| |Vienna|. Prow of a vessel to right, adorned with buildings. AE 1

The coins given by Akerman (Coins of Cities and Princes, p. 152; Nos. 2-5), probably belong to Lyons (Cf. Cohen, Med. Imp., 2nd ed., vol |i|, pp. 159, 182)

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Kunsthistorisches Museum, Münzkabinett, Vienna, Austria