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 silver siliqua of Valens dug up in Britain, chipped and double struck, with a reverse showing the emperor Coin Type: Silver siliqua of Valens, 364 CE to 378 CE. Chipped edge, double strike, dark toning.
Mint and Date: Lugdunum, officina 1.
Size and Weight: 18mm, 1.8g
Obverse: D N (VALENS) P AVG (?)
Diademed, draped bust right.
Emperor standing facing, head right, holding labarum in right hand, and victory on a globe carrying palm branch and wreath in left hand.
Exergue: •PLVG•
Ref: Possibly a variant of RIC IX Lyons 6(e), missing the F from P F AVG and with two extra dots in the mintmark.
Provenance: Dug mid way between Shiptonthorpe and Hayton on the A1079 Hull to York road which at this point follows the Roman road, by Stephen Critchley, early 1980s.
BW Ref: 008 025 081
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