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A so-called mercury dime of the USA, showing winged Liberty and a fasces. Coin Type: USA Winged Liberty Head Dime, issued 1916-1945. 90% Silver, 10% Copper.
Mint and Date: Philadelphia, 1939
Size and Weight: 18mm, 2.50g
Obverse: LIBERTY
Liberty wearing a winged pileum (symbolizing freedom of thought). Monogram in low right field. IN•GOD / WE•TRUST in low left field. 1939 in very low right field.
Fascis entwined by olive branch. E•PLURIBUS / UNUM in right field.
Provenance: smallcents2 (eBay), December 2004.
Condition: BU, hairline scratch on back of cap on obverse, damage to top band of fascis on reverse.
BW Ref: 001 029 000
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Note 1: This coin is often called a "Mercury dime" even though the image is not actually of the Roman god Mercury. The confusion arose because Mercury was traditionally shown with a winged hat, though of a somewhat different type, called a petasos. Also, this image appeared to be in a classical style; though from today's perspective we can see it is stylistically very much of its time.

Note 2: The monogram on the obverse is AW, for the designer, Adolph A Weinman.

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