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A bronze coin of Thessalonica with a Kabeiros on the reverse Coin Type: Bronze AE22 of Thessalonica in Macedonia.
Mint and Date: Thessalonica, Flavian period (late 1st century CE)
Size and Weight: 21mm x 22mm, 7.68g
Turreted head of Tyche right.
Reverse: KABI-PO-C
Kabeiros standing left, holding out a goat rhyton in right hand in front, hammer with head high in left arm behind.
Provenance: zentauros1 (eBay, October 2010
Ref: Close to SNG Cop 384-386.
BW Ref: 003 051 164
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Note: The obverse has a deep pit of the type associated with flan preparation, usually found on larger coins than this and not found on other specimens of this type of coin. The scrapes on both sides might also have been part of that process. They run in different directions, so are unlikely to have been the result of a single damaging incident. The scratches are fully patinated, and therefore are ancient.

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